April 10, 2024

Welcomed with Poorna Kumbham

 Hyderabad City Civil Court Judge, Telangana Endowment Tribunal Chairman, Bhadrachalam resident Sri Manda Venkateswara Rao, Shirisha couple and  eminent lawyer Mutyala Kishore, Rupa couple visited Sri Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swamy temple which is a very important historical temple in Charla Mandal and performed puja in the temple. On behalf of the temple, Manda Venkateswara Rao was welcomed with Poorna Kumbham. Later on, the pujas were conducted by  Yallamandala Shravan Kumar and Bhanu Prakash, the chief priests of the temple. On this occasion, Telangana Endowment Tribunal Chairman, Hyderabad District Judge said that I am very lucky and fortunate to visit the very important Bhadrakali Sametha Veerabhadra Swami. 

April 9, 2024

Poets Meet on the occasion of Ugadi

 Bhadrachalam adorned with the aroma of six kinds of tastes on the occasion of  Ugadi festival ( The New year of Telugu people called Krodhi nama samvatsaram) and a meet of poets was held in the premises of renowned Ramalayam. And the gathering of bards organized by Keshaboina Prasad, District president of Sri Sri Kalavedika. Temple EO, Ramadevi attended as the chief guest and Chitte Lalitha, National woman president of Sri Sri Kalavedika and Madhava Reddy, a prominent social activist and Veedhula Rambabu, a popular poet entertained the audience with their speeches and anecdotes about the festival.

Srinivas, Principal of degree college, Tulasidas and Maringanti Padmavathi came as special guests and expressed their Ugadi greetings. Poetry recital has been performed by Chief secretary Kanaka durga, Advocate Pamaraju Tirumala Rao, Lakshminarayana, Nagalakshmi, Vani, Vijayalakshmi, Sankarachari, Sambasiva Rao and others. Murthy kvvs , honorary advisor of Bhadradri Incredible portal expressed his greetings to all the attendees. Dr. Kathimanda Pratap, National Chairman of Sri Sri Kalavedika and its Convener Ramavathi Congratulated the district Committee.

April 8, 2024

Bards and Singers Welcome KRODHI

Yesterday, a cultural meet was held on the occasion of  Telugu new year (Krodhi nama samvatsaram) and which has been staged by Retired employees building at Bhadrachalam. It's a best blend of both poets and singers. So bards delivered their greetings on the occasion of upcoming Telugu new year and some scintillating songs crooned by singers. Altogether , a fascinating time for listeners. The event kick started by a traditional Muttuswami deetshitar keertana of Mahaganapathim bhaje by Vaniram and later on followed a dance recital performed by a wonder kid Akshitha. 

Golla Bhupathi Rao, renowned Green life activist attended as a chief guest and he spoke about the importance of the environment in terms of new year along with extended wishes over the occasion. Malya Sri, the veteran poet elaborated the prominence of literature as an ongoing life force. Bhushana Rao, president of Retired employees union expressed his greetings to all the people. Poets K.Venkata ramana,Naga lakshmi, K. Nagamani, Durga komali, J. Nagamani, Anusha, Durgachari and others delivered their poetic excellence. And singers crooned the best melody on the occasion.

The event has been presided by K. Kanaka Durga and organized by Telangana Sahithi along with Bhadradri Melody singers group of JR Murthy.


April 7, 2024

Physio class

 Physio therapy is becoming a need of hour in the present times. Because modern life style in which physical work gets back seat leads to many kinds of ailments. Various modes of massages, exercises and other related treatment would provide solace to the sufferers, said by the instructors hailed from Nizam institute. An awareness meeting on physio therapy for the teachers was held in the SNM UP school, Bhadrachalam. Teachers from two mandals have been attended and the program has taken place under the guidance of  S. Sammayya (MEO,Bhadrachalam) and A.V.Rama Rao (Nodal officer,Dummugudem). 

April 4, 2024

Down the memories lane

 Some places look haunted at present but they have had a time of glory in the past. Transformation of things are inevitable in the world. Decades back, now this debris conditioned stage located in the branch library synonymous with many cultural activities and a music troupe was giving programs constantly. Back then, there was no Whatsapp, Youtube or even no trace of a smartphone and people gathered here instantly when there was any playlets or music recital. Those who crossed their fifties of their age, it was a rare memory to cherish.

Then branch library was on the lane of temple. Demands were popping up for the own building and the present entity got materialized with the effect of struggle of booklovers. It is a happiest news but the shine faded to the stage which housed memories of past glory at the same time. Branch library keeps receiving help for further development ,from the donors. Enthusiasts of employment are always seen in and outside of the library to prepare for the competitive tests. Many candidates have benefitted out of the stock of journals.

#memories#downthe lane

March 29, 2024

Top brass of Endowments visited

District collector Priyanka Ala, Project officer Pratik Jain, Devasthanam EO Ramadevi gave a warm welcome to the principal secretary of state  Endowments department Sailaja Aiyar and the commissioner Hanumantha Rao. They performed pujas and were explained the uniqueness of the deity by the temple priests. The top brass visited and inspected the arrangements at Mithila stadium where devotees and VIPs are to be attended for Swamy's marriage. They have given several guidelines and seen the surroundings of Devasthanam premises along with laddoo making point also.  

 Earlier, the authorities were instructed to inspect the tourism-related site where the construction is being undertaken for the convenience of the devotees next to the bridge point and to provide adequate accommodation facilities for the devotees. 

 Assistant Commissioner of Endoments Department Sulochana, Bhadrachalam RDO Damodar Rao, officials from various departments and others participated in this program.


March 23, 2024

Medical camp in Tegada village

In Tegada village under Satya Narayana Puram Primary Health Center of Charla Mandal,

the medical camp was organized under the guidance of Medical Officer Dr. Divya Nayana.

5 people had fever and pains and they did malaria related RDTs for them and they did not have malaria. All of them were found to have viral fever and were given medicines.

50 people were treated for common diseases.

👉🏼 Due to the high incidence of viral fevers, water retention is observed.

👉🏼Suggested drinking boiled and cooled water and

👉🏼 Arrange jollies  to the latrine tanks to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

👉🏼 It is recommended to tie mosquito nets.

In this camp Satya Narayana, D.P.M.O.

PHN Padmavati,

 HEO Babu Rao,

Health Assistants

Venu, Rajya Lakshmi, Asha activist Devayani, Rambabu and

 Others participated.

#health #camp #observations

March 18, 2024

Greyhounds Training for Police Personnel


District SP Rohit Raju IPS started a week-long special training of greyhounds for the district police personnel today at the district police headquarters. Approximately 150 police officers and staff will take this training. On this occasion, the SP met with them and said that this training is for the physical and mental strength of the police personnel. He said that it will be very useful. He indicated that this training will also be useful to improve the responsibilities and vigilance of the police personnel as part of maintaining peace and security.

 He informed that this special training has been organized for the smooth conduct of the upcoming parliamentary elections, duties at check posts, vehicle inspection and other police related duties. He said that among those selected for this training, rewards will be given to those who show talent in indoor and outdoor classes. Therefore, everyone is requested to take advantage of this opportunity and improve their skills.

Additional SP Operations T.Sai Manohar, AR Additional SP Vijay Babu, Kothagudem DSP Rahman and other police officers and staff participated in the programme.

March 14, 2024

Bring Laurels to The School

" Students should remember the guidelines when they enter the hall of public examinations and avoid all kinds of malpractices and try hard to get good results to the school" said P.Rama krishna, HM of SNM ZP High school. He advised the tenth class students in the farewell party hosted by the Ninth class students here at Bhadrachalam.

Ninth class students are going to be in the tenth class in a few months and they should start studying hard right from the beginning days and try to increase the percentage of the school success in the tenth class results said Dhanikonda Srinivasa Rao. Ninth class students showcased their prowess in dancing for folk numbers.

Sumptuous meals and sweet distribution have taken place on the jubilant occasion. Teaching staff GV, Tanneeru Srinivasa Rao, Krishna, Seshayya, Ramayya, Manjulavani, Bharati, Veeramma, swaranjani,sindhuja,subbalakshmi and others have participated.

#farewell #party #exams

March 7, 2024

Women staff honored


On the occasion of  International Women's Day, Women staff of the SNAM ZP high school, Narsapuram were felicitated today. The speakers delivered their greetings and also opined that women should always be forefront in all sectors and then only family be progressed along with the country. Educated and skillful womenfolk would always be the asset to the society. HM- in- Charge  Ch.Anil kumar and the staff conducted the event. Women staff  R.Kezia, T.Saraswati, T.Seetha, K.Lakshmi, G.Nagamani and Tulasi, Swarupa were honored with shawls.   

March 1, 2024

The incredible friendship I got in 'Paderu'

(Renowned Telugu novelist Siramsetty Kantha Rao garu is sharing here his exquisite tour details of Paderu and its adjacent places.  In the above picture writer with Alajangi Muralidhar garu )  

My dear literary friend, soft-spoken Muralidhar Alajangi, who works as an 'Economics' lecturer in Paderu Government Degree College, has invited me many times for the past two and a half to three years to visit his college and the natural beauty of the nearby areas, but I could not go due to my personal needs.

They called me on 18-02-24 and said “You are leaving on 21-02-24 and reaching Paderu by evening. We are making accommodation arrangements here for you" and hung up the phone. I was shocked that I could bear the love of my friends but not even a teaspoon of their anger. I called Mr. Tatolu Durgachari, the employee, and inquired about the transport facility to go to Paderu.

To that he said, 'A bus leaves from Paderu depot every morning at half past nine and reaches Bhadrachalam at half past seven and eight at night. Overnight stay here and depart for Bhadrachalam at 07.30 am in the morning. It will return to Paderu at half past five in the evening via Koonavaram, Motugudem, Seeleru, Darakonda and Chintapalli. So if you take a bus from Palvancha at 6 in the morning, you will reach Bhadrachalam at 7 in the morning. Have something to eat here and sit down! They will have lunch on the way and reach Paderu in the evening.

As said by that friend, on 21-02-24, I got up early in the morning at half past five and took the bus and reached Bhadrachalam at seven o'clock. The Paderu bus left exactly at the stated time. Had lunch at Seeleru at half past twelve and returned by bus and reached Paderu at half past five in the evening as planned. As soon as I got off the bus, I called my friend Muralidhar.

Within five minutes they reached me on the bike of their friend Appal Naidu.

The three of us drank tea there and reached the librarian Mani Kumar's room in the college staff housing complex directly adjacent to the college. Muralidhar, who introduced me to them and left me with them, immediately left for Chodavaram, which was his  residing place.

Mani Kumar became another son with a little introduction. What is special is that Manikumar's hometown 'Kakarapadu' is located in the suburbs of Sarabhavaram, the hometown of Sri Vadrevu China Veerabhadra, a writer who has a special place in the Telugu literary world and is like a giant in various literary branches. Their father knew Veerabhadradu very well. 'Aha! This is the greatness of world of literature. Somewhere, some kind of relationship comes to entwine. 

In the same premises, the 'English' lecturer of Koteswara Rao, a village near Koonavaram, was also introduced. From that night, for four days, Mani Kumar took care of all my food, meals and accommodation. It can be said that among today's youth, such cultured young people are very rare. I humbly congratulated their parents for bringing them up with such discipline.

Muralidhar went and told Mani Kumar and Koteswara Rao what to do for me the next day in the dark.

According to that, around five in the morning, a student named Purushottam, who was studying in the final year of his degree (Special English), Koteswara Rao, took his bike and came for me. As I was already up and ready, I immediately got on the bike and drove seven km there. At the peak of 'Vanjangi' Bholingamma mountain in the distance.. I immediately got on the bike with the hope of imprinting in my mind forever the beauty of nature that creates milky white on the hills covering the slopes. 

The bike runs on smooth tarmac roads with curves and bumps like the urine of a running bull. In the dark on both sides of the road, 'Nakkatoka' dry grass and various wild bushes stood like schoolgirls and students welcoming an incredible guest and welcomed us happily. Forgetting myself at that welcome, while strolling through the aerial streets, my driver took the vehicle and reached the ETDA on a hill bend. He stopped in front of the crew.

 There we took two tickets at the rate of fifty rupees per person and proceeded further and at a distance of five km from our destination, we stopped near a jeep parked at a corner. We parked our two wheeler next to it. We negotiated the rent at the rate of 200 per man and boarded a jeep with some others. The jeep driver's name is Prasad. good person Three km. The journey in that jeep will remain one of the scariest journeys I can remember in my lifetime.

The hill on the right side of the jeep going up was excavated with JCBs and poured till the last edge of the valley which was hundreds of feet deep on the left side. I was worried that the jeep running over the red dirt and small rocks might slip into the valley at any moment. When Nena was in trouble, the jeep stopped where we had to get off.

As soon as you get off the jeep, you have to walk up the rocky path to reach the view point of Bholingamma Peak which is about 720 feet high. While the lines of light on one side were running full of hills, we tiredly overcame the maze and the rocks and reached there within thirty and a half hours.

Reminding us how insignificant we are as human beings when nature does not favor us even if we approach the viewpoint without any effort.

It was not snowing at all that day. He who has learned to be satisfied with what he gets, should not be disappointed in any situation and find happiness in what he gets. As we reached the peaks of that vast mountain, there were many young men and women, like the army of monkeys sitting on the hills in the Kishkindha Kanda of the Ramayana.

While we were spending time taking photos of the wonderful scenes around the Mema hills, the black child changed the clouds to golden color, opened the doors of the clouds and radiated black rays to the ground, visible and invisible, immersing all the people there in a wonderful color. After spending an hour and a half there, we happily started climbing the peak.

Before we reached the plateau from near the view point, I spoke to two shopkeepers who were sitting there with cigarettes, chocolates and biscuits about their hardships.

As soon as I reached the room at eight o'clock, Muralidhar from Chodavaram came directly to me while taking a bath and getting ready.

They chat for a while and say "I'm in college come on!" He said and turned back.

Meanwhile, Mani Kumar said, "Let's have breakfast!" Saying that,  he took his Rajdhoot out .

After having breakfast, Murali sir showed me around the whole college. At the end, I was taken to the seminar hall where there was an extra class for the children and I was introduced to the lecturer there. The lecturer looked at me and said, "Since you have come anyway, say four good words to our children, sir!" 

I spent half an hour sharing some things according to my knowledge with the children and took leave  from them.

Computer sir Dilip was already waiting for us outside the college by bringing his car.

Along with us English lecturer Amit, Dilip sirs and three other students got into the vehicle.

Immediately the vehicle sped towards Balda Caves in Koraput District, Odisha State.

By then it was 11.30 am.

( To be continued )

English translation rendered by Murthy kvvs

February 26, 2024

Diya assigned to the district

Police Dog Diya, who completed basic training at IITA, Moinabad for eight months and was assigned to the district, was felicitated today by the district SP Rohit Raju IPS in his office. AR Constable Mahender and other dog squad officers and staff who are dealing with this matter have been given several instructions on this occasion by the SP. They have asked the officials about the complete details regarding the 11 police dogs currently working in the district police department.

AR Additional SP Vijay Babu, Admin RI Ravi, MTO Sudhakar, Welfare RI Krishna Rao, Home Guards RI Narasimha Rao and others participated in this program.


February 25, 2024

Magha Masa Utsavaalu at Bhadrachalam


Bhadrachalam, Feb 24: A holy ceremony called "Sahasra Kalashaabhisekham" was conducted in the premises of Lord Rama's temple of Bhadrachalam. Devotees thronged here from many places to behold it. Priests performed the event traditionally. This custom has been performed by them from time immemorial, especially it is to be performed in the month of Magha and that's why these rituals are called Magha masa Utsavaalu. Apart from that, Agni pratishta and Kalashavaahana puja were also performed.

Temple authorities said that Nitya Kalyanam will be resumed again from Sunday and has been suspended for the last three days due to ongoing celebrations. Devotees Sridhar and Srikanth from Hyderabad submitted silk clothes to the holy idols and also to some staff members of the temple. All these celebrations are done in the Beda Mandapam of Sri Seetha Ramachandraswamy Devasthanam.

February 22, 2024

Viral fever survey

In view of viral fever and leg pain, a house to house survey has been done in the village of Kothapally of Charla mandal. And cases of the same were recorded. Dr. Sridhar and other medical staff went to every house and sprinkled anti-larva solution to prevent mosquitoes. So that it's very difficult to hatch eggs and grow in water filled pots etc. Along with it, they have provided medicines to 42 people for common ailments. Medical staff Sirisha,Geetha, Saraswati, Gopi collected blood samples from 24 people and sent them to T.D. hub for diagnosis. Asha activists Lalitha, Chandrakala, Sammakka,Vijaya lakshmi, Venkata ramana, Ramya and others participated in the drive.


February 20, 2024

Computer skills showcased by the students


A computer Mela in collaboration with Pratham Infotech Foundation and ITC staff has been organized in Sri Nannapaneni Mohan Zilla Parishat high school of Bhadrachalam. Students made samples with their creative skills from their knowledge of digital education. And which are ranged from social media apps for class sixth students, power point presentation on cyber security for class seventh students, Misson Chandrayan 3 animation in scratch for class eighth students, Web pace creation in career in IT HTML for class nineth students, a project on artificial intelligence Google maps was prepared and presented to the tenth class students. Certificates were handed over to the students by the school headmaster P.Rama krishna. Computer instructor Bhavani and the teaching staff participated in this event. G.Luka raju (Operation Lead), Sai lakshmi and others were chief guests for the program.

February 15, 2024

Woman principal should be appointed

 Kakatiya University and NCT should follow the rules and appoint a woman as the principal for Bhadrachalam Tribal BED College. In a meeting chaired by State Convener of Student Section of GSP, Irfa Prakash at ITDA premises on Wednesday, Gondwana Welfare Parishad State President Payam Satyanarayana demanded that Bhadrachalam was the only centre which has a tribal BED college in the state, not only that, when it was a united state it gained much popularity in Bhadrachalam Agency. 

It is alleged that the ITDA officials have blindly appointed the principal without examining the minimum qualifications, and appointing a person who does not have a BED or M.E.D. as the principal of Bhadrachalam Tribal BED College. ITDA officials acted without knowing the difference between BED college and B.ped college.

ITDA officials said that candidates should be filled in based on their qualifications through open notification for the appointment of a tribal BED college principal. Otherwise, he said that he would file a writ petition in the High Court and take up protest programs.

He also said that many times in the past we have given petitions to ITDA officials to send those who come on deputation from ashram schools to their respective posts in Tribal BED College but they continue to do so without canceling their deputation.

 Godwana Welfare Parishad strongly demands that the agency has PhD women candidates belonging to the tribal community and there are more girls in the college and, for the welfare of the girls,  such women should be appointed as the principal of the tribal BED college. District presidents of the All India Association of GWP, Muttavarapu Janakiram Chinta Janardhan, Madakam Chittibabu Rajasekhar Erpa Rambabu participated in this program.

February 9, 2024

Awareness on Cyber Crime

 Yesterday, an awareness program was organized for the students studying in Abdul Kalam Engineering College, Vepalagadda under the guidance of DSP Rahman of Kothagudem. District SP Rohit Raju IPS participated as the chief guest in this program. This program was organized to create awareness among students about cyber crimes ragging and drugs. District SP who was the chief guest of this program said that nowadays cyber criminals are committing frauds by choosing various methods to rob innocent people's money.

  He said that if anyone has lost money from their account due to cyber crime, they should respond immediately and call 1930 number and provide the details so that money can be recovered from the account of cyber criminals. She teams and Bharosa Kendras have been set up on behalf of the police department for women, and if there is any problem, the police would contact them immediately. He said that some innocent people are unknowingly clicking on links in the form of online messages and losing money without knowing.

 Everyone should be aware of cyber crimes and be vigilant but also advise their neighbors and relatives. At present, youths are addicted to drugs like ganja and are destroying their precious future. He said that wherever the youths are consuming ganja, such places have been identified throughout the district and cases will be registered not only against the transporters but also against those who consume ganja and will be sent to jail. He warned that strict action will be taken if anyone indulges in harassment in the name of ragging in colleges.

Kothagudem DSP Rahman, Chunchupally CI Peddanna Kumar, Sujathanagar SI Someshwar, college management members Venkateswara Rao, Lakshminarayana, Sitaramprasad Srikanth along with a large number of female students participated in this program.

January 25, 2024

Sports Complex at the behest of the police department

  Youth should excel in sports as well as education and the development of agency area people is the prime objective of the district police, said Rohit Raju IPS, superintendent of the police, Bhadradri Kothagudem district. He participated in the closing ceremony of mandal-level volleyball tournaments, organized by the Dummugudem mandal police. The volleyball competitions ended yesterday which kickstarted on the 21st of this month.

50 teams have participated in the event and it has taken four days to get completed. Kotha maredubaka and Anjubaka teams reached the finals and the final battle triggered enthusiasm among all the onlookers comprised of police officers, staff and local people. Rohit Raju IPS, SP of the district said that a sports complex would be established in the agency area of Dummugudem with the cost of Rs. 2 crore which will be on behalf of the police department.

Also said that the department would take up all possible programs in the future to reach out to the agency youth. And with the youth from this area should emerge at the district and national level in the future. The welfare of Adivasi people is the sole aim of the police department, he reiterated. Mandal youth and people expressed their thankfulness to the Superintendent of the police for granting a sports complex in the mandal.

Kotha maredubaka, Anjubaka and China nallabelli teams received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes respectively from the hands of Rohit Raju IPS, SP of Bhadradri Kothagudem. Dummugudem CI Ramesh, Inspectors Ashok, Mutyam Ramesh , Special branch inspectors Raju Varma, SIs Ganesh,Keshava and others participated in the event.


January 7, 2024

Blankets donated


150 woolen blankets were distributed in the remote tribal pockets such as Chenna puram, Uyyala madugu, Chelamala, Pusuguppa, Kranthi puram, Adivi Ramavaram by the district branch of Indian Red Cross Society, Bhadradri Kothagudem. The donation made in line of helping out poor families.

And all these blankets have been provided by K.Madan mohan, state secretary of Red cross society. On the suggestions of M. Mangilal (RDO, Bhadrachalam), K. Rama krishna (Tahasildar, Charla), Chandra sekhar (Tahsildar, Dummugudem) the event gets materialized.

Dr. S.L. Kantha Rao (Dist. co-ordinator), Y.Suryanarayana, G.Raja Reddy, Y.Kameswara Rao, Dr. Y. Bhanu prakash, T.Siddulu and others were participated.

December 26, 2023

28th Nehru cup -Talluri Bharati Devi memorial state level cricket Tournament

 The 28th Nehru cup-Talluri Bharati Devi memorial state level cricket tournament kick started today at the Junior college sports ground of Bhadrachalam town. Dr. Talluri Raja Srikrishna (USA) participated in the opening ceremony as a chief guest. He said that the spirit of playing is more important than losing or winning and losing is quite natural in any game. Also he appreciated the people who keep conducting the tournament for the last 28 years and such a long track record in the remote area is something outstanding achievement and his support is promised in the days to come.

Mrs. Varalakshmi Sairam , chairman of Dr. Paul Raj engineering college said that sports have become very important part in today's society. Mr. Chengal Rao (ITCPSPD, HR Dept.) opined that sports contribute a lot  for the good health of every human being and this kind of events will bring forth highly skilled players. Nehru cup founders Mr.Vatadi Durga Ashok and Mr. Thotamalla Balayogi expressed their thankfulness to all the people who supported them in this huge event.

In the first day of friendly match, Bhadrachalam devasthanam team emerged as winner over the Press team. Many local dignitaries and cricket enthusiasts participated in the program. 



December 23, 2023

Spiritual aura shrouded

 Today, at the temple town of Bhadrachalam, on the auspicious occasion of Mukkoti Ekadasi , devotees thronged here in a large scale to have a glance over the Deities from the North gate entrance.

 It is an age old tradition the divine couple Lord Rama and Seetha Ma giving special darsanam to the waiting devotees in the chilling weather. 

The Lord and his consort enter this North gate only on this special day and the devotees believe that seeing the God on the special moment brings immense good into their lives. Devotees have had glanced the esoteric moment and chanted Jai Sri Ram.

Vaikuntha dwara darsanam lasted 5AM to 6AM with grandeur and pomp. Devotees came from far and wide and the entire holy town swerved with spiritual aura. 

Yesterday evening, Teppotsavam (Boat cruise) celebrated in a grand way. Godavari banks filled with huge crowds to watch the happening.

 This boat cruise of divine idols started from 6PM and lasted until the completion of five rounds of ride on the waters. With crackers and dazzling lighting the evening turned out a joyful event.

District Collector Priyanka Ala, Devasthanam E.O. Rama devi, and SP of the district Vineet G, ASP Paritosh Pankaj and all other officers have done their best to make it a successful event.

 And above all the grace of Divine blessings poured in on endless influx of devotees. At last, the long awaited annual festival ended with a great contentment.

--- Murthy  


December 17, 2023

Winter brings them back

 Every year winter comes and with it, some strangers arrive here at Bhadrachalam. They usually install their makeshift shops to sell sweaters, blankets, mufflers, monkey caps, and other dress materials. 

Very long back, these people could have been from Tibet descendants or Himachal Pradesh and so on. But this time when I asked about their whereabouts, they said that they hailed from Madhya Pradesh.

 A little bit surprised but chuckled to have my guess haywire. A seller named Dharmendar revealed that they would get material from Punjab and other states. 

And all the team members keep selling the stock until the ending days of winter. Exclusively their selling points are just nearby Bus stand and which is so comfortable to reach for every one in the town. 

People coming here from other villages along with pilgrims would also buy the needed woolen and other material. 

Nowadays, no one faces a language problem as before since these sellers are also speaking Telugu in transactions.

Travancore rulers outstanding achievements

(Dr. Abraham Karickam, A prominent Kerala based Social activist and Educationist expressed his views after his team met the royal descendant of Travancore yesterday)


It was providential that I was able to meet Her Excellency Ashwathi Thirunal Gauri Lakshmi Bhai Thampuratti at Kowdiar Palace yesterday, with a few friends from United Religions Initiative and Kerala Palliative Care Organisation. She belongs to the great Travancore Kings family- descendent of , Sri Padmanabaha Dasa Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma Maharaja, Sethu Parvathi Bhai Maha Rani and Sri Chithira Thirunal Ramavarma Maharaja. For us it was a dream come true—we were able to touch the feet of a strong link in the chain of our ancient rulers. They were not just rulers. They are still the be-all and end-all of the very life of every Keralite.

Why do we revere them like anything? What ever they gave us, still remain as the backbone of our existential entity:

1. Mullapperiyar Dam-1895

2. Punalur Paper Mills – 1931

3. Trivandrum Airport-1932

4. Travancore Sugar Mills, Thakkala-1931

5. The Public Service recruitment Committee was formed in 1931 ( Later became Kerala Public Service Commission ).

6. Bicameral Legislative Assembly formed in 1933

7. South Indian Rubber Works-1937

8. Travancore Ceramics, Kundara-1937

9. The first University of Kerala- The Travancore University- was founded in 1937

10. Road Transport Corporation-1938

11. Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram-1939

12. Sri Swathi Thirunal Music Academy-1939

13. Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project – First stage completed in 1940

14. Indian Aluminium Company, Aluva- 1943

15. Radio Station, Trivandrum-1943

16. Glass factory, Aluva-1944

17. Travancore Steam Navigation Company-1944

18. Travancore Rayons, Perumbavoor-1945

19. Travancore Bank (SBT)-1945

20. Travancore Cement Factory, 1946 – First in India

21. Travancore Titanium-1946

22. Alind , Kundara-1946

These are only a few initiatives of the Travancore rulers and there are so many more pioneering attempts. I still wonder at the intelligence of our rulers, displayed in hiding the incalculable store of diamonds and jewels worth billions, from the eagle eyes of the European Colonial Powers. Modern rulers think foreign Banks  safe to keep their treasures, but our Kings never allowed a single  jewel to be stolen by the invaders. 

We felt immense joy in touching the feet of such greatness.

--- Dr. Abraham Karickam


December 13, 2023

An Enchanting Evening at the Temple

 With Vaikuntha Ekadasi celebrations, a prominent feature of cultural and musical aspect is inseparable at the temple town of Bhadrachalam. It adds an extra devotional thrust among the people who eventually visit the event. This evening seems to be soaked in heartfelt muse of several artists. At Kalyana mantapam, the premises is filled with audience who immersed in classical music and dance. Considerably large crowd to the programs of this kind. In fact cultural activities commemorated today and these will be lasted until 23rd of this month.

12.00 noon to 11.00 pm, continuously to go on. Different artists have come from different places to give their performances in the holy place. Today, when we visited the Kalyana mantapam which is nearby the temple, several programs appealed us and that made us to scribble some lines here. S.S.Meenakshi (Hyderabad) was singing some classical keertana (Krishna swagatam, saranaagatam) when we entered the premises. It was first time to listen to her and she accompanied by some other singer also.

Her rendition was flawless and nectar like and many keertanas like Sri Rama nee naama mentho ruchira, Seetaraama dayajudave, Paahimaam sri Raama anuchu palukanaiti, Nigama nigamaatha varnita were renditioned by her. Both singers were complimentary to each other. Huge footfall witnessed to the programs, a little bit surprised but all the audience were seriously enjoying it.  A happy sign to say. Especially to this kind of programs.

Violin and Mridangam supported very well. Sri Nidhi cultural seva society of Warangal presented a series of enthralling dances for many keertanas of saintly poets like Annamacharya and others. Next to it, a Chennai based women singers troupe renditioned many classical songs and they all have come in uniform like sarees. They have done a commendable job indeed. All the artistes have been presented a memento, certificate and prasadam of the temple by E.O., here are some pics given from the programs for our readers. 


December 12, 2023

Decked up for Vaikunta Ekadasi Celebrations

 Bhadrachalam, the temple town is gearing up for having its "Vaikuntha Ekadasi Celebrations" right from 13-12 2023 to 23-12-2023. During this holy season, the Lord appears in a different incarnation,  each day. Along with it, there are number of cultural and musical activities to be done. 

Artists are invited from far and wide along with the local talent. Everyday is slated with multiple programs. Dasavatarams can be seen as follows

13-12-23       Matsya Avataram

14-12-23       Kurma Avataram

15-12-23       Varaha Avataram

16-12-23      Narasimha Avataram

17-12-23      Vamana Avataram

18-12-23      Parashu Rama Avataram

19-12-23      Sri Rama Avataram

20-12-23      Balarama Avataram

21-12-23     Krishna Avataram

on 22nd of this month, Teppa Utsavam (Boat cruise) celebration will be taken place in the holy waters of Godavari River. 

On 23rd, Uttara dwara darshanam ( The Lord gives darsan from the North gate) celebration can be held in a pompous way.

In view of these celebrations, "Nitya kalyanamlu" will be resumed from 24-12-23 

Note: Tickets for Uttara dwara darsanam can be had from Temple main ticket counter and CRO Office and Bridge CRO also from Sub-Collector's office  from 13-12-23

December 10, 2023

Bhadradri Girls : Striking for a glorious future

 This year seems to be a vibrant and exciting one for the people of temple town with having two jubilant daughters of the soil have been beamed in the cricket so far. They are in their path of fulfilling their dreams and in turn their efforts would enrich the women's cricket in our country as well. Creating a niche for them and striving for achieving is something exceptional in any pursuit, and in cricket which needs lots of practice hours and grit apart from unending hope for success.

Gongadi Trisha already made waves by her presence and with having selected for three T20 series against England A began last Wednesday. Now, one Y. Trisha Poojitha , a different youngster beamed in the news as she has been picked up in the auctions by Gujarat Giants for the upcoming season, in women's premier league. The striking common thing is not only Trisha in their name, both they have hailed from the temple town, Bhadrachalam.

Gongadi Trisha's father Rami Reddy, back then, established a full fledged gym in the town and started instructing the enthusiasts apart from being himself as a health coach in the nearby ITCBPL. Later, he shifted to Hyderabad along with his family. And Trisha Poojitha's mother was an English teacher worked at Sri Nannapaneni Mohan ZP High school and she transferred from here on a promotion. Telangana Today English Daily carried out special articles on both of them, of course on different days, presented here for our readers.

--- Murthy