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April 9, 2024

Poets Meet on the occasion of Ugadi

 Bhadrachalam adorned with the aroma of six kinds of tastes on the occasion of  Ugadi festival ( The New year of Telugu people called Krodhi nama samvatsaram) and a meet of poets was held in the premises of renowned Ramalayam. And the gathering of bards organized by Keshaboina Prasad, District president of Sri Sri Kalavedika. Temple EO, Ramadevi attended as the chief guest and Chitte Lalitha, National woman president of Sri Sri Kalavedika and Madhava Reddy, a prominent social activist and Veedhula Rambabu, a popular poet entertained the audience with their speeches and anecdotes about the festival.

Srinivas, Principal of degree college, Tulasidas and Maringanti Padmavathi came as special guests and expressed their Ugadi greetings. Poetry recital has been performed by Chief secretary Kanaka durga, Advocate Pamaraju Tirumala Rao, Lakshminarayana, Nagalakshmi, Vani, Vijayalakshmi, Sankarachari, Sambasiva Rao and others. Murthy kvvs , honorary advisor of Bhadradri Incredible portal expressed his greetings to all the attendees. Dr. Kathimanda Pratap, National Chairman of Sri Sri Kalavedika and its Convener Ramavathi Congratulated the district Committee.

December 23, 2023

Spiritual aura shrouded

 Today, at the temple town of Bhadrachalam, on the auspicious occasion of Mukkoti Ekadasi , devotees thronged here in a large scale to have a glance over the Deities from the North gate entrance.

 It is an age old tradition the divine couple Lord Rama and Seetha Ma giving special darsanam to the waiting devotees in the chilling weather. 

The Lord and his consort enter this North gate only on this special day and the devotees believe that seeing the God on the special moment brings immense good into their lives. Devotees have had glanced the esoteric moment and chanted Jai Sri Ram.

Vaikuntha dwara darsanam lasted 5AM to 6AM with grandeur and pomp. Devotees came from far and wide and the entire holy town swerved with spiritual aura. 

Yesterday evening, Teppotsavam (Boat cruise) celebrated in a grand way. Godavari banks filled with huge crowds to watch the happening.

 This boat cruise of divine idols started from 6PM and lasted until the completion of five rounds of ride on the waters. With crackers and dazzling lighting the evening turned out a joyful event.

District Collector Priyanka Ala, Devasthanam E.O. Rama devi, and SP of the district Vineet G, ASP Paritosh Pankaj and all other officers have done their best to make it a successful event.

 And above all the grace of Divine blessings poured in on endless influx of devotees. At last, the long awaited annual festival ended with a great contentment.

--- Murthy  


December 13, 2023

An Enchanting Evening at the Temple

 With Vaikuntha Ekadasi celebrations, a prominent feature of cultural and musical aspect is inseparable at the temple town of Bhadrachalam. It adds an extra devotional thrust among the people who eventually visit the event. This evening seems to be soaked in heartfelt muse of several artists. At Kalyana mantapam, the premises is filled with audience who immersed in classical music and dance. Considerably large crowd to the programs of this kind. In fact cultural activities commemorated today and these will be lasted until 23rd of this month.

12.00 noon to 11.00 pm, continuously to go on. Different artists have come from different places to give their performances in the holy place. Today, when we visited the Kalyana mantapam which is nearby the temple, several programs appealed us and that made us to scribble some lines here. S.S.Meenakshi (Hyderabad) was singing some classical keertana (Krishna swagatam, saranaagatam) when we entered the premises. It was first time to listen to her and she accompanied by some other singer also.

Her rendition was flawless and nectar like and many keertanas like Sri Rama nee naama mentho ruchira, Seetaraama dayajudave, Paahimaam sri Raama anuchu palukanaiti, Nigama nigamaatha varnita were renditioned by her. Both singers were complimentary to each other. Huge footfall witnessed to the programs, a little bit surprised but all the audience were seriously enjoying it.  A happy sign to say. Especially to this kind of programs.

Violin and Mridangam supported very well. Sri Nidhi cultural seva society of Warangal presented a series of enthralling dances for many keertanas of saintly poets like Annamacharya and others. Next to it, a Chennai based women singers troupe renditioned many classical songs and they all have come in uniform like sarees. They have done a commendable job indeed. All the artistes have been presented a memento, certificate and prasadam of the temple by E.O., here are some pics given from the programs for our readers. 


December 12, 2023

Decked up for Vaikunta Ekadasi Celebrations

 Bhadrachalam, the temple town is gearing up for having its "Vaikuntha Ekadasi Celebrations" right from 13-12 2023 to 23-12-2023. During this holy season, the Lord appears in a different incarnation,  each day. Along with it, there are number of cultural and musical activities to be done. 

Artists are invited from far and wide along with the local talent. Everyday is slated with multiple programs. Dasavatarams can be seen as follows

13-12-23       Matsya Avataram

14-12-23       Kurma Avataram

15-12-23       Varaha Avataram

16-12-23      Narasimha Avataram

17-12-23      Vamana Avataram

18-12-23      Parashu Rama Avataram

19-12-23      Sri Rama Avataram

20-12-23      Balarama Avataram

21-12-23     Krishna Avataram

on 22nd of this month, Teppa Utsavam (Boat cruise) celebration will be taken place in the holy waters of Godavari River. 

On 23rd, Uttara dwara darshanam ( The Lord gives darsan from the North gate) celebration can be held in a pompous way.

In view of these celebrations, "Nitya kalyanamlu" will be resumed from 24-12-23 

Note: Tickets for Uttara dwara darsanam can be had from Temple main ticket counter and CRO Office and Bridge CRO also from Sub-Collector's office  from 13-12-23

November 27, 2023

Celebrations at Chinna Arunachalam

" Krittika Mahadeepam " ritual celebrated in a grand way at the temple of Narsapuram, yesterday, which is also renowned as Chinna Arunachalam. The event was performed exactly when it had been celebrated at Arunagiri of Tamil nadu. Gradually, this Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Kshetram is getting highlighted with a huge footfall of devotees. Reaching the temple is much easier as it is located in the way of Parnasala and almost 16 km away from the temple town Bhadrachalam.

42 feet Mahadeepam has been lit up on the rock pillar and one lakh Diyas were illuminated on the occasion of Kartika pournami. Arunagiri Pradakshina was also performed in line of Arunagiri tradition. In addition to it, Satyanarayana Vrata Pujawill be performed on the 3rd December with a large population of devotees. And Annaabhisekham for Sasralingam and Dwadasa Jyotirlingams will also be performed on the 4th December and on the 11th December laksha Bilwarchana can be taken place.  

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August 12, 2023

Sri Kusuma Haranatha Baba Shrine at Bhadrachalam

 Very few people knew about the temple of Sri Kusuma Harantha Baba located at Bhadrachalam. In fact, it's a very old temple constructed some decades back in memory of renowned Bengali saint Haranatha Baba. The temple is in high altitude and one can see the whole town and the serene Godavari river view from here. And the most acclaimed Lord Rama's temple is just nearby and besides the Shivalayam, almost at the adjacent to visit. Pilgrims who visit the temple town usually pay respects here to the Baba couple. But some people hardly know where to go from. The nearest way is from the Shivalam from where steps atop can be seen to reach the Kusuma Haranatha Baba temple.

This shrine is ideal for meditation and sublime solitude especially for who have deep spiritual leanings. Because the place is free from hustle bustle ambience and the holy presence of saint couple can be felt by the pure hearted aspirants. Sri Harnatha Baba (1865-1927), a unique advent made relationship with God born at Sonamukhi, Babkura district, West Bengal. He showed many miracles as a great Yogi and was considered as a reincarnation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in his life time. His style of teaching was unique from others. Babaji wrote thousands of letters to his devotees sprawled across the entire country.

His followers are in almost all states of India but they keep their devotional activities in a low key comparing to many other sects sprouting up these days. Baba, in his life time, had many followers from different religions as his principal attitude was to know the Almighty through pure love. He didn't establish any cult or organization. His consort was Kusuma Kumari, most pious and devotional in attitude towards the preaching of Haranatha Baba. Both were regarded as "Kusuma Harana Baba" by the devotees. In your next visit, try to see the holy shrine at Bhadrachalam. 

--- BI Desk

July 26, 2023

Temple Hundi Income

 Today, Hundi income counting was done at Sri Seeta Ramachandra Swamy's Devasthanam, Bhadrachalam. It has taken place after 63 days and total cash received is Rs. 1,70,49,637/- while 400 grams of gold and 1.7 kg silver were collected from hundi. Apart from it, foreign currency is also found in hundi. 516 US Dollars, 60,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, 25 Australian Dollars, 10 Canadian Dollars, 5 Omani Rials, 300 Omani Baisas, 5 Maldivian Rupees, 45 UAE Dirhams, 11.5 Kuwait Dinars, 100 Qatar Riyals, 2 Singapore Dollars were received as income in hundi.   

June 8, 2023

Nitya Kalyanam at the Bhadrachalam Temple

The 'Nitya Kalyanam" rituals were performed, yesterday, here at the Sri Seetharamachandra Swamy temple , Bhadrachalam in a grand way. In the early morning, Suprabhata seva, seva kalam, aradhana have performed in the sanctum sanctorum. After that, Viswaksena puja and punyahavachanam have taken place in the Beda mandapam. Priests performed "Nityakalyanam" with due customs like adorning Kankana dharana, Yajnopaveetha dharana for the Lord Rama and kankana dharana and yoktra dharana for Maa Seetha devi.

Apart from that, in the part of Telangana state decennial celebrations, a music recital has been performed by the artists who belonged to Aswapuram and which enthralled the audience. Officers of temple administration collected the opinions of devotees about the ongoing services that are being received from the staff of the temple. For providing better services in the future, this inquiry has been done.

June 5, 2023

"Eruvaka Pournami" Celebrations at the Bhadrachala Ramalayam

 "Jyesthabhishekam" celebrated in the temple of Sri Seetharamachandra Swamy, Bhadrachalam. Yesterday it was performed on the occasion of Jyestha pournima. This ceremony is a customary on the day of Eruvaka pournima. Priests and vedic scholars performed this as a feast for the eyes.

At the time of "Tolakari showers" prayers were offered to the lord Varuna  for good rains, so that the country would prosper. Vedic scholars explained the importance of this festivity.