August 12, 2023

Sri Kusuma Haranatha Baba Shrine at Bhadrachalam

 Very few people knew about the temple of Sri Kusuma Harantha Baba located at Bhadrachalam. In fact, it's a very old temple constructed some decades back in memory of renowned Bengali saint Haranatha Baba. The temple is in high altitude and one can see the whole town and the serene Godavari river view from here. And the most acclaimed Lord Rama's temple is just nearby and besides the Shivalayam, almost at the adjacent to visit. Pilgrims who visit the temple town usually pay respects here to the Baba couple. But some people hardly know where to go from. The nearest way is from the Shivalam from where steps atop can be seen to reach the Kusuma Haranatha Baba temple.

This shrine is ideal for meditation and sublime solitude especially for who have deep spiritual leanings. Because the place is free from hustle bustle ambience and the holy presence of saint couple can be felt by the pure hearted aspirants. Sri Harnatha Baba (1865-1927), a unique advent made relationship with God born at Sonamukhi, Babkura district, West Bengal. He showed many miracles as a great Yogi and was considered as a reincarnation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in his life time. His style of teaching was unique from others. Babaji wrote thousands of letters to his devotees sprawled across the entire country.

His followers are in almost all states of India but they keep their devotional activities in a low key comparing to many other sects sprouting up these days. Baba, in his life time, had many followers from different religions as his principal attitude was to know the Almighty through pure love. He didn't establish any cult or organization. His consort was Kusuma Kumari, most pious and devotional in attitude towards the preaching of Haranatha Baba. Both were regarded as "Kusuma Harana Baba" by the devotees. In your next visit, try to see the holy shrine at Bhadrachalam. 

--- BI Desk