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February 22, 2024

Viral fever survey

In view of viral fever and leg pain, a house to house survey has been done in the village of Kothapally of Charla mandal. And cases of the same were recorded. Dr. Sridhar and other medical staff went to every house and sprinkled anti-larva solution to prevent mosquitoes. So that it's very difficult to hatch eggs and grow in water filled pots etc. Along with it, they have provided medicines to 42 people for common ailments. Medical staff Sirisha,Geetha, Saraswati, Gopi collected blood samples from 24 people and sent them to T.D. hub for diagnosis. Asha activists Lalitha, Chandrakala, Sammakka,Vijaya lakshmi, Venkata ramana, Ramya and others participated in the drive.


February 20, 2024

Computer skills showcased by the students


A computer Mela in collaboration with Pratham Infotech Foundation and ITC staff has been organized in Sri Nannapaneni Mohan Zilla Parishat high school of Bhadrachalam. Students made samples with their creative skills from their knowledge of digital education. And which are ranged from social media apps for class sixth students, power point presentation on cyber security for class seventh students, Misson Chandrayan 3 animation in scratch for class eighth students, Web pace creation in career in IT HTML for class nineth students, a project on artificial intelligence Google maps was prepared and presented to the tenth class students. Certificates were handed over to the students by the school headmaster P.Rama krishna. Computer instructor Bhavani and the teaching staff participated in this event. G.Luka raju (Operation Lead), Sai lakshmi and others were chief guests for the program.

February 15, 2024

Woman principal should be appointed

 Kakatiya University and NCT should follow the rules and appoint a woman as the principal for Bhadrachalam Tribal BED College. In a meeting chaired by State Convener of Student Section of GSP, Irfa Prakash at ITDA premises on Wednesday, Gondwana Welfare Parishad State President Payam Satyanarayana demanded that Bhadrachalam was the only centre which has a tribal BED college in the state, not only that, when it was a united state it gained much popularity in Bhadrachalam Agency. 

It is alleged that the ITDA officials have blindly appointed the principal without examining the minimum qualifications, and appointing a person who does not have a BED or M.E.D. as the principal of Bhadrachalam Tribal BED College. ITDA officials acted without knowing the difference between BED college and B.ped college.

ITDA officials said that candidates should be filled in based on their qualifications through open notification for the appointment of a tribal BED college principal. Otherwise, he said that he would file a writ petition in the High Court and take up protest programs.

He also said that many times in the past we have given petitions to ITDA officials to send those who come on deputation from ashram schools to their respective posts in Tribal BED College but they continue to do so without canceling their deputation.

 Godwana Welfare Parishad strongly demands that the agency has PhD women candidates belonging to the tribal community and there are more girls in the college and, for the welfare of the girls,  such women should be appointed as the principal of the tribal BED college. District presidents of the All India Association of GWP, Muttavarapu Janakiram Chinta Janardhan, Madakam Chittibabu Rajasekhar Erpa Rambabu participated in this program.

February 9, 2024

Awareness on Cyber Crime

 Yesterday, an awareness program was organized for the students studying in Abdul Kalam Engineering College, Vepalagadda under the guidance of DSP Rahman of Kothagudem. District SP Rohit Raju IPS participated as the chief guest in this program. This program was organized to create awareness among students about cyber crimes ragging and drugs. District SP who was the chief guest of this program said that nowadays cyber criminals are committing frauds by choosing various methods to rob innocent people's money.

  He said that if anyone has lost money from their account due to cyber crime, they should respond immediately and call 1930 number and provide the details so that money can be recovered from the account of cyber criminals. She teams and Bharosa Kendras have been set up on behalf of the police department for women, and if there is any problem, the police would contact them immediately. He said that some innocent people are unknowingly clicking on links in the form of online messages and losing money without knowing.

 Everyone should be aware of cyber crimes and be vigilant but also advise their neighbors and relatives. At present, youths are addicted to drugs like ganja and are destroying their precious future. He said that wherever the youths are consuming ganja, such places have been identified throughout the district and cases will be registered not only against the transporters but also against those who consume ganja and will be sent to jail. He warned that strict action will be taken if anyone indulges in harassment in the name of ragging in colleges.

Kothagudem DSP Rahman, Chunchupally CI Peddanna Kumar, Sujathanagar SI Someshwar, college management members Venkateswara Rao, Lakshminarayana, Sitaramprasad Srikanth along with a large number of female students participated in this program.

January 25, 2024

Sports Complex at the behest of the police department

  Youth should excel in sports as well as education and the development of agency area people is the prime objective of the district police, said Rohit Raju IPS, superintendent of the police, Bhadradri Kothagudem district. He participated in the closing ceremony of mandal-level volleyball tournaments, organized by the Dummugudem mandal police. The volleyball competitions ended yesterday which kickstarted on the 21st of this month.

50 teams have participated in the event and it has taken four days to get completed. Kotha maredubaka and Anjubaka teams reached the finals and the final battle triggered enthusiasm among all the onlookers comprised of police officers, staff and local people. Rohit Raju IPS, SP of the district said that a sports complex would be established in the agency area of Dummugudem with the cost of Rs. 2 crore which will be on behalf of the police department.

Also said that the department would take up all possible programs in the future to reach out to the agency youth. And with the youth from this area should emerge at the district and national level in the future. The welfare of Adivasi people is the sole aim of the police department, he reiterated. Mandal youth and people expressed their thankfulness to the Superintendent of the police for granting a sports complex in the mandal.

Kotha maredubaka, Anjubaka and China nallabelli teams received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes respectively from the hands of Rohit Raju IPS, SP of Bhadradri Kothagudem. Dummugudem CI Ramesh, Inspectors Ashok, Mutyam Ramesh , Special branch inspectors Raju Varma, SIs Ganesh,Keshava and others participated in the event.


January 7, 2024

Blankets donated


150 woolen blankets were distributed in the remote tribal pockets such as Chenna puram, Uyyala madugu, Chelamala, Pusuguppa, Kranthi puram, Adivi Ramavaram by the district branch of Indian Red Cross Society, Bhadradri Kothagudem. The donation made in line of helping out poor families.

And all these blankets have been provided by K.Madan mohan, state secretary of Red cross society. On the suggestions of M. Mangilal (RDO, Bhadrachalam), K. Rama krishna (Tahasildar, Charla), Chandra sekhar (Tahsildar, Dummugudem) the event gets materialized.

Dr. S.L. Kantha Rao (Dist. co-ordinator), Y.Suryanarayana, G.Raja Reddy, Y.Kameswara Rao, Dr. Y. Bhanu prakash, T.Siddulu and others were participated.

December 26, 2023

28th Nehru cup -Talluri Bharati Devi memorial state level cricket Tournament

 The 28th Nehru cup-Talluri Bharati Devi memorial state level cricket tournament kick started today at the Junior college sports ground of Bhadrachalam town. Dr. Talluri Raja Srikrishna (USA) participated in the opening ceremony as a chief guest. He said that the spirit of playing is more important than losing or winning and losing is quite natural in any game. Also he appreciated the people who keep conducting the tournament for the last 28 years and such a long track record in the remote area is something outstanding achievement and his support is promised in the days to come.

Mrs. Varalakshmi Sairam , chairman of Dr. Paul Raj engineering college said that sports have become very important part in today's society. Mr. Chengal Rao (ITCPSPD, HR Dept.) opined that sports contribute a lot  for the good health of every human being and this kind of events will bring forth highly skilled players. Nehru cup founders Mr.Vatadi Durga Ashok and Mr. Thotamalla Balayogi expressed their thankfulness to all the people who supported them in this huge event.

In the first day of friendly match, Bhadrachalam devasthanam team emerged as winner over the Press team. Many local dignitaries and cricket enthusiasts participated in the program. 



December 6, 2023

Home Guards are crucial

 Services provided by the Home guards, who are a part of the police department and perform continuous   duties are invaluable. In the time of heavy floods, VVIPs visits, elections, the role of Home guards are very crucial in addition to their normal duties. Wearing khaki uniform and serving the people is a great gift. Those who perform their duties with responsibility in the department always get special recognition,   said by Dr. G. Vineet IPS, SP of Bhadradri Kothagudem. He participated in the program of Raising day Celebrations of Home guards today, event taken place at IMA function hall, Kothagudem.

Home guards who showed outstanding performance have been received prizes on the occasion and around 300 Home guards working in the district were attended. T.Sai manohar (Addl SP of operations) , Vijay babu (Addl SP), Parithosh pankaj (Bhadrachalam ASP), Ramana murthy (Illendu DSP), Venkatesh (Palvancha DSP), Rehman (Kothagudem DSP), Raghavendra Rao (Manuguru DSP), Krishnaiah (Cyber crimes DSP), Nagaraju (SB inspector) and others participated in the program. 


November 19, 2023

Celestial Wedding

 Celestial wedding of Bhadrachala Sri Seetaramachandra Swamy has also been performing in various other places for the convenience of devotees residing in far off places. In order to that, this time west Godavari district of Andhra pradesh is having the opportunity to have the celebrations at the places like Chagallu, Bheemavaram, Devarapalli, Tanuku, Unkaramilli (Nidadavolu), Penakara metta (Kovvuru) and Guravai gudem (Jangareddy gudem). Already Chagallu and Guravai gudem Kalyanam programs accomplished and on 18th of this month at Bheemavaram, 19th at Tanuku, 21st at Penakametta, Kovvuru, 23rd at Devarapalli, 24th at Hanuman junction, 25th at Unakaramilli,Nidadavolu have to be performed. Devotees are asked to note the schedule. 


October 21, 2023

Maoist Militia Arrested

 Around 15.00 hours in the afternoon, RPC members (militants) belonged to the banned Maoist party were arrested during the vehicle checking conducted by Charla police and special party personnel. All it happened in the forest area of Venkatacheruvu village of Charla mandal. Details of arrested members as follows.

1. Madivi Ganga (25) S/O Muda  R/O China utlapalli, Usur Thana, Bijapur district, Chattisgarh state

2. Madivi Anda (35) S/O Late Bakka, R/O Rampur village, Usur Thana, Bijapur district, Chattisgarh state

3. Kovvasi Mangu (30) S/O Joga R/O Bheemaram vilage, Usur Thana, Bijapur district, Chattisgarh state

The above are militia members in Pujari Kanker RPC and are working for the banned Maoist party for some time. They have been operating as per the instructions received from the Maoist party. Besides, these are gathering people from the villages to the meetings organized by the party by threatening. The trio are providing essential commodities that the Maoist party needed.

These were arrested when they came here to circulate the leaflets in the outskirts of Charla to boycott the elections in Telangana state. Also to spread the info that there will be a meeting related this soon. Chattisgarh top Maoist leaders Commander Hidma, Pamed area members along with Telangana state CPI Maoist leaders Damodar, Azad, Madhu, Aruna, Lachanna, Mangatu, Arjun and others were there behind the leaflet circulation.

ASP of Bhadrachalam Paritosh Pankaj IPS, disclosed that 60 pamphlets seized from them and he also warned that whoever assist the banned Maoist party would be arrested. B. Rajagopal (CI of Charla), TVR Suri (S.I.), R.Narsi Reddy and other staff participated in the program.


October 17, 2023

Print Campaign Materials Only After Obtaining Permission

 print campaign materials only after obtaining permission

MCMC Nodal Officer Srinivasa Rao said in the meeting held at IDOC on Tuesday

A meeting was held with the managers of the printing press regarding the permissions to be taken for printing leaflets, posters etc. On this occasion, he said as per the rules of the Election Association

He said permission must be obtained for every print.

The Election Commission of India regulations say that before printing every campaign material like leaflets and posters used for election campaign, prior approval should be obtained under Section 127 of the Representation of the People Act. He said that declaration of two persons should be given for publication. Name of printing company, cell number on the printed copy. The number of copies printed and the name of the publisher should be given. It has been clarified that action will be taken as per the rules of the Election Commission if campaign copies are printed without permission. 

He said that there should be no mention of controversial statements, religion or caste in the publications printed for propaganda. He said that everyone should follow the instructions of the Election Commission. Said to provide 4 copies before using for campaign. They have to use it in the campaign only after getting permission. It is said that the bills for the claim in the printing should not be given on plain paper, but should be given only on company bill, if it exceeds 20 thousand then payments should be made from the bank account specially opened for the election. Those who do not comply with the rules will be fined 2,000 rupees and will be sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and two. Afterwards, Election Expenditure Control Officer and District Cooperation Officer Venkateswarlu explained the rules to be followed by the printers.

Managers of printers and others participated in this meeting.


October 12, 2023

Contraband seized


At the behest of ASP of Bhadrachalam, Parithosh Pankaj, the police personnel conducted a check and arrested three smugglers and seized the Ganja at the RTA check post of Kunavaram road, on Wednesday.  PVN Rao, SI and the staff seized it while the smugglers were transporting the substance in two cars. Kandipalli Mahesh and Andasu Harish of Warangal were caught with 40 kgs of Ganja in a Baleno car and another contraband of 38 kgs seized from a Tata Indigo car wherein one Sanjeev kumar Bhatra was spotted. They have bought the substance at Seeleru, nearby Odisha-Andhra border. And three other smugglers have escaped by jumping from the car. They were Pangi Babu, Kura Purna and Suneel and the trio belonged to Seeleru. 

They were transporting it to Hyderabad ,Old city to sell to a woman Nandakka. A case was also registered against the car owners. The seizure worth to be Rs. 19.5 lakh. Two mobile phones were confiscated from the smugglers. CI of Bhadrachalam Naga Raju registered the case and accused were sent to remand.


October 6, 2023

They Made a Mark by helping the distressed family

  Everybody says these days have become a dearth of kindness towards the real needy people. We see how commercial elements crept into our society, yet, there were people with generosity to help others within their all capabilities. Am going to disclose one particular happening which showcased how a group in a small village made a big difference with many others in terms of charity. Cherla is a mandal headquarters in the division of Bhadrachalam and where a Gurkha has been living for decades. He came from a distant Nepal country to earn a living. The Gukha's name was Rajender Bahadur and he was living with his family.

Out of some unknown distress, he committed suicide and the family became helpless all of a sudden. One of the village men, Cheemakurthi Bhadram has taken the initiative to collect possible donations from fellow philanthropists and in the line of it many people responded with a broad heart. There were journalists, businessmen, peasants and many other professionals who came forward to help the poor family. Every day kept pouring donations which were featured in the group of whatsapp. Many have contributed something in their capacity. It was the beauty of Cherla, it's not the first instance of people coming forward to help others.

Senior Journalist Javvadi Murali Krishna has donated Rs.10000/- in cash, 25kg rice and other commodities worth two thousand rupees to his family and the Javvadi family always stands forefront of this sort of charity. Neeli Praksh, Gaddam Mani Kumar, Thotamalla Ramana Murthy, Sivaraju Kishor, Erramilli Kiran, Mehaboob Pathan, Guba Suresh, Lanka Venkat participated in the event. As the news came today, Rs. 73000/- altogether was donated to the distressed family with the help of Mandal people belonging to different walks of life. This is a true example of heralding the legacy of Cherla. Let it be continued forever. 

October 2, 2023

Gandhiji Continues to Inspire Forever

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was a great man who introduced the theory of non-violence to the world, said collector Dr. Ala Priyanka. Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations were held today at the collectorate of Bhadradri Kothagudem. Paid tributes to the portrait of the father of the nation and by having placed flowers. On this occasion, she said that whatever Gandhiji said, he practiced in his own life. He believed in the doctrine of non-violence and got support from the entire world, thus he proved the essence of non-violence by which he attained freedom to the country.

Mahatma Gandhi uttered the importance of the villages and country won't progress without the development of villages. He worked tirelessly to eradicate untouchability. Now central and state governments have been striving on the mission of Swach Bharat it was a dream of such a great soul once. He traveled the entire country after he returned from abroad to understand the pulse of the nation. Unhygienic condition in our villages was keenly observed and he enlightened the public about the importance of cleanliness, all the employees of the collectorate should work with the inspiration of principles of Gandhiji, she elaborated on the occasion.  

Additional collector P. Rambabu, PD DRDA Madhusudan Raju, District revenue officer Ravindranath, AO Ganya, district-level officers and the staff of the collectorate have participated in the program.


October 1, 2023

Last rites

 Head Constable Sridevi's last rites completed with official decorations at Kothagudem. Police officials, staff and local people who attended the last rites of Head Constable Sridevi who died accidentally in the line of duty. The funeral procession started from her home and the last rites were carried out by the District Armed Forces, Police who also earlier conducted a parade at the Hindu Cemetery of Old Depot Road via Super Bazaar and fired three times in the air.


September 22, 2023

Surprise Inspection

  ITDA Project Officer Pratik Jain said that various measures are being taken to strengthen the education system from the foundation to the students ,studying in ashram schools of tribal welfare department and the concerned teachers should pay special attention to recognize letters in a way that they can understand.

         On Friday, he made a surprise inspection of the GPS School at Rajupeta Colony in Bhadrachalam. After examining the abilities of the students and expressing his satisfaction, he asked each child to write math, quadratic processes, English, Telugu and reading on the board, and he congratulated the teachers as the children were active in every subject and from now on, every child should understand all the subjects thoroughly and achieve good proficiency in the coming classes, he said. To do this, he personally handed over 500 rupees to the concerned HM to paint the green board well.

         DD Tribal Welfare Officer Manemma, Rajupeta LFL HM Basia and others participated in this program.


September 18, 2023

Project Officer conveyed festival greetings

 ITDA project officer Pratik Jain IAS, expressed his wishes everyone on the occasion of Vinayaka chavithi festival. It is to be celebrated without any caste, religion and discrimination. He also wishes specially the employees serving the tribals and tribal students in the agency area. According to Hindu tradition, the festival is celebrated with devotion and specific rituals. All the nine days of festival time be filled with various decorations and grandeur. 

He conveyed greetings to all the teachers, parents of students, officials working in the ITDA office and staff in a statement on Sunday.



September 13, 2023

TET Examination

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala said that all arrangements should be made to conduct the TET examination without any possibility of mal practices. A meeting was held with the Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers and Route Officers in the meeting hall of the IDOC office on Tuesday regarding the conduct of the TET examination to be held on the 15th of this month. Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said that 37 centers have been set up in the district to conduct the TET examination. He said that a seating plan should be prepared for conducting the examination.

 She said that on 15th of this month, the first paper will be conducted from 9.30 am to 12 pm and the second paper from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. She said that 37 centers have been set up for the first paper exam conducted in the morning and 29 centers for the second paper exam conducted in the evening. At Kothagudem, Palvancha, Manuguru, 8,717 candidates are appearing for the exam and altogether  37 examination centers set up in district. 

She said that section 144 will be imposed at every examination center to prevent any untoward incident. The RTC officials have been directed to arrange additional buses for the candidates to reach the examination centers on time. Electricity authorities have been advised to ensure uninterrupted power supply without power interruption. 380 Invigilators, 148 Hall Superintendents, 37 Departmental Officers, 37 Chief Superintendents, She said that 9 route officers and 9 flying squad officers have been appointed.

She said that CC TVs should be set up. Mission Bhagiratha  officials are advised to supply safe fresh water , besides setting up an emergency medical center at every examination centre, adequate medicines should be kept ready. She said that sanitation programs should be organized in the examination centers and kept clean. Nearby Xerox centers should be closed. And cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in the examination centers and they will be allowed to enter the examination centers after close inspection. District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala clarified that if candidates have any suggestions or doubts regarding the TET examination, they should call the help desk of the district education office or the control room number Sai Krishna 9396654181 and clear the doubts.

DRO Rabindranath, DEO Venkateswarachari, Assistant Commissioner of Examination ,S Madhava Rao, Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Route Officers, Flying Squad Officers and others participated in this meeting.


A Check handed over to the family of deceased policeman

District SP Dr. VineethG IPS handed over a check of Rs 60,000/- to the family members of Head Constable T. Ramachandra Reddy who died due to ill health while performing duties in District AR Division of Bhadradri Kothagudem yesterday at the office of District SP. The SP said that the police officers and personnel should always be vigilant about their health and follow precautions. He said that the district police department will always stand by the families of the deceased policemen. The officials involved have been informed to take steps to ensure that all kinds of rewards are received on behalf of the government as soon as possible.

AO of District Police Office Jayaraju, District Police Officers Association President Srinivasa Rao, Vice President Aesobu, Srinivas and members Sudhakar, Office Junior Assistant Madhu and others participated in this program.


September 10, 2023

Cherukuri Sekhar Babu couple Made a donation

 Cherukuri Sekhar Babu and his wife Madhavi of Palvancha donated a sum of Rs. 1,00,116- to Sri Seeta Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam for the purpose of "Annadaanam". Celestial marriage of Venugopala swamy and Rukmini, Satyabhama would be performed tomorrow (11.9.23) in the premises of Chitra kuta mandapam on the occasion of concluding Bhagavatha Saptaham.