April 4, 2024

Down the memories lane

 Some places look haunted at present but they have had a time of glory in the past. Transformation of things are inevitable in the world. Decades back, now this debris conditioned stage located in the branch library synonymous with many cultural activities and a music troupe was giving programs constantly. Back then, there was no Whatsapp, Youtube or even no trace of a smartphone and people gathered here instantly when there was any playlets or music recital. Those who crossed their fifties of their age, it was a rare memory to cherish.

Then branch library was on the lane of temple. Demands were popping up for the own building and the present entity got materialized with the effect of struggle of booklovers. It is a happiest news but the shine faded to the stage which housed memories of past glory at the same time. Branch library keeps receiving help for further development ,from the donors. Enthusiasts of employment are always seen in and outside of the library to prepare for the competitive tests. Many candidates have benefitted out of the stock of journals.

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