May 1, 2024

Proved to be best in the school

Akshay Tej  ( 9.5 GPA)

Gowtam (9.3 GPA)

                                                                            Ravi (8.8 GPA)

 With the announcement of SSC (2024) results yesterday, whole ambiance of SNM ZP High school of Bhadrachalam turned jubilant since the result percentage has gone up by 73%.  Akshaya Teja bagged 9.5 GPA and which is the top scoring of the school while Gowtham with  9.3 stood as second and Ravi got 8.8 to have secured the third position. Most interesting thing is all the children hailed from very modest backgrounds and achieved on par with the blue eyed kids who got educated in the corporate schools. Head master P. Ramakrishna and all the staff members appreciated the efforts laid by the pupil in the examinations.

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