March 23, 2024

Medical camp in Tegada village

In Tegada village under Satya Narayana Puram Primary Health Center of Charla Mandal,

the medical camp was organized under the guidance of Medical Officer Dr. Divya Nayana.

5 people had fever and pains and they did malaria related RDTs for them and they did not have malaria. All of them were found to have viral fever and were given medicines.

50 people were treated for common diseases.

👉🏼 Due to the high incidence of viral fevers, water retention is observed.

👉🏼Suggested drinking boiled and cooled water and

👉🏼 Arrange jollies  to the latrine tanks to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

👉🏼 It is recommended to tie mosquito nets.

In this camp Satya Narayana, D.P.M.O.

PHN Padmavati,

 HEO Babu Rao,

Health Assistants

Venu, Rajya Lakshmi, Asha activist Devayani, Rambabu and

 Others participated.

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