December 13, 2023

An Enchanting Evening at the Temple

 With Vaikuntha Ekadasi celebrations, a prominent feature of cultural and musical aspect is inseparable at the temple town of Bhadrachalam. It adds an extra devotional thrust among the people who eventually visit the event. This evening seems to be soaked in heartfelt muse of several artists. At Kalyana mantapam, the premises is filled with audience who immersed in classical music and dance. Considerably large crowd to the programs of this kind. In fact cultural activities commemorated today and these will be lasted until 23rd of this month.

12.00 noon to 11.00 pm, continuously to go on. Different artists have come from different places to give their performances in the holy place. Today, when we visited the Kalyana mantapam which is nearby the temple, several programs appealed us and that made us to scribble some lines here. S.S.Meenakshi (Hyderabad) was singing some classical keertana (Krishna swagatam, saranaagatam) when we entered the premises. It was first time to listen to her and she accompanied by some other singer also.

Her rendition was flawless and nectar like and many keertanas like Sri Rama nee naama mentho ruchira, Seetaraama dayajudave, Paahimaam sri Raama anuchu palukanaiti, Nigama nigamaatha varnita were renditioned by her. Both singers were complimentary to each other. Huge footfall witnessed to the programs, a little bit surprised but all the audience were seriously enjoying it.  A happy sign to say. Especially to this kind of programs.

Violin and Mridangam supported very well. Sri Nidhi cultural seva society of Warangal presented a series of enthralling dances for many keertanas of saintly poets like Annamacharya and others. Next to it, a Chennai based women singers troupe renditioned many classical songs and they all have come in uniform like sarees. They have done a commendable job indeed. All the artistes have been presented a memento, certificate and prasadam of the temple by E.O., here are some pics given from the programs for our readers. 


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