December 12, 2023

Decked up for Vaikunta Ekadasi Celebrations

 Bhadrachalam, the temple town is gearing up for having its "Vaikuntha Ekadasi Celebrations" right from 13-12 2023 to 23-12-2023. During this holy season, the Lord appears in a different incarnation,  each day. Along with it, there are number of cultural and musical activities to be done. 

Artists are invited from far and wide along with the local talent. Everyday is slated with multiple programs. Dasavatarams can be seen as follows

13-12-23       Matsya Avataram

14-12-23       Kurma Avataram

15-12-23       Varaha Avataram

16-12-23      Narasimha Avataram

17-12-23      Vamana Avataram

18-12-23      Parashu Rama Avataram

19-12-23      Sri Rama Avataram

20-12-23      Balarama Avataram

21-12-23     Krishna Avataram

on 22nd of this month, Teppa Utsavam (Boat cruise) celebration will be taken place in the holy waters of Godavari River. 

On 23rd, Uttara dwara darshanam ( The Lord gives darsan from the North gate) celebration can be held in a pompous way.

In view of these celebrations, "Nitya kalyanamlu" will be resumed from 24-12-23 

Note: Tickets for Uttara dwara darsanam can be had from Temple main ticket counter and CRO Office and Bridge CRO also from Sub-Collector's office  from 13-12-23

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