December 23, 2023

Spiritual aura shrouded

 Today, at the temple town of Bhadrachalam, on the auspicious occasion of Mukkoti Ekadasi , devotees thronged here in a large scale to have a glance over the Deities from the North gate entrance.

 It is an age old tradition the divine couple Lord Rama and Seetha Ma giving special darsanam to the waiting devotees in the chilling weather. 

The Lord and his consort enter this North gate only on this special day and the devotees believe that seeing the God on the special moment brings immense good into their lives. Devotees have had glanced the esoteric moment and chanted Jai Sri Ram.

Vaikuntha dwara darsanam lasted 5AM to 6AM with grandeur and pomp. Devotees came from far and wide and the entire holy town swerved with spiritual aura. 

Yesterday evening, Teppotsavam (Boat cruise) celebrated in a grand way. Godavari banks filled with huge crowds to watch the happening.

 This boat cruise of divine idols started from 6PM and lasted until the completion of five rounds of ride on the waters. With crackers and dazzling lighting the evening turned out a joyful event.

District Collector Priyanka Ala, Devasthanam E.O. Rama devi, and SP of the district Vineet G, ASP Paritosh Pankaj and all other officers have done their best to make it a successful event.

 And above all the grace of Divine blessings poured in on endless influx of devotees. At last, the long awaited annual festival ended with a great contentment.

--- Murthy  


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  1. Your post is like a journalistic report written by a religious person.