December 17, 2023

Winter brings them back

 Every year winter comes and with it, some strangers arrive here at Bhadrachalam. They usually install their makeshift shops to sell sweaters, blankets, mufflers, monkey caps, and other dress materials. 

Very long back, these people could have been from Tibet descendants or Himachal Pradesh and so on. But this time when I asked about their whereabouts, they said that they hailed from Madhya Pradesh.

 A little bit surprised but chuckled to have my guess haywire. A seller named Dharmendar revealed that they would get material from Punjab and other states. 

And all the team members keep selling the stock until the ending days of winter. Exclusively their selling points are just nearby Bus stand and which is so comfortable to reach for every one in the town. 

People coming here from other villages along with pilgrims would also buy the needed woolen and other material. 

Nowadays, no one faces a language problem as before since these sellers are also speaking Telugu in transactions.

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