June 27, 2023

A Moving Story Collection

 It makes me intrigued to write a few words about a collection of stories "Badi Buvva", all these ten magnificent short stories would no doubt tickle every moving heart. It's all about innocence and intelligence of school children, of course ,with enduring their life difficulties would take us by storm. By age, they were children but by attitude they were no less than any skillful and innovative persons. And one more thing, they were not the sort of corporate blue eyed school kids but all they hailed from very modest backgrounds with enough of woes at their homes. In addition to it, all they were studying zilla parishat high school.

Author of this collection is Garipelli Ashok and he is a prolific writer with a special love towards the world of children. His keen observation into the psyche of the child is evident all along the stories. It's not possible without having a great empathy towards the children. How a girl student Padma turned multi tasker in every needed situation made us rethink about the capacity of today's children. Not only that, she was very kind and considerate about the old people and she was ready to sacrifice her quota of midday meals for them. All this described in the first story.

Do you want to know how things were being done in the government school..? And the management skills with not losing humanity and the children par excellent comparing to any corporate school ? ... then one should read this book without fail. Writer Garpelli Ashok is renowned for the activities towards the children and he made them write stories to have evolved into books. He penned many books and all of them encompass the glory of children's kingdom.

(For copies, contact  the writer and his mobile no : 98496 49101,  Pages : 68, Price : Rs.80/-)

--- Murthy

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