July 14, 2023

Dr. V.R. Sharma : A Multi faceted Writer and Traveller

 Dr. V.R. Sharma is a unique genius among the contemporary writers of Telugu literary field. A best known activist and writer for the cause of children and a fierce traveller in addition. His oeuvre of work is not only limited to the children's literature but beyond it like editing books and organizing literary events and of course, he penned almost all different kinds of literary forms, be it novel, essay or story and whatsoever one thought of. Dr. Sharma has always been engaged in work shops for children. His name is quite known across the both Telugu states for his immense love and enthusiasm about the future citizens. 

Dr. .V.R.Sharma's full name is Vittala Rajeshwara Sharma, his parents were Lalitha and Balarajaiah and he was born on 18 April, 1956 at Kamareddy. He has done M.A.,M.O.L., M.Phil., Ph.D. and now retired as a Gazetted Head Master. After retirement Dr. Sharma associated with many platforms to serve the cause of children's literature and their enlightenment.

He also worked with Telangana Rachayitala Vedika, Telangana bala Sahtya vedika, Telangana bala sahitya parishat, pillala lokam and bala sahitya vedika. He bagged Keerthi Puraskaram from the Telugu university. And his research subject in M.Phil is "Sahoo jeevitamu - rachanalu" (Sahoo's life and writings) and in Ph.D is "Adhunika kavitwam lo baala chitrana" (Portrayal of the children in the modern poetry).

His first story printed in Andhra bhoomi (weekly) in 1978 and title was Domayana. Dr. Sharma's collections of poems are Telangana (1994), Vaana poola konda (1996), Suryudu aneka rangulloa udayistaadu (2002), Maa uuri matti vaasana (2007), Guler (2007).

Books of Songs brought out like  Suuryullanu veligistuu (1999), Aanandam (1998), Pillala kosam (1999), Pillala lokam (2015). Essays printed like Kondaru vidyavettalu (2002) and many others included.

Books Edited by him are Aakasam (Writings of children, 1999), Pillala lokam (2 volumes, 2000), Chukkalu (Hyku poems of children,2000), Bangaru nelavankalu (Stories written by the children,2017), kyaali (te ra ve, souvenir , 2013), Alalu (2012), kavulu-pillalu (2011).

Dr. Sharma's novels for children are Kaanuka (2017), Prayaanam(2009), Balavardhan(20120, Raksha (2022- TANA manchi pustakam), Ee taram pillala kathalu (2022), Prapancha tantram (20220, Aadutuu paadutuu (2022),Thank you taatayya (stories for children,2023), Enthamandi chuttaalo (2023) and others.

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