July 20, 2023


( The transformed pupil being received a pen from the HM)

 Mahesh Sri Potti Sriramulu Andhra high school is an aided educational institute located at Hooghly district of West Bengal state. It was started by the efforts made by Telugu diaspora, settled here some decades back. A recent experiment to transform a school boy who suffers with a low IQ into a sober one came to light as which has been shared by an academician Kesava Rao garu. He is not only a teaching faculty but also a thinker, human activist and an eminent writer.

A boy recently joined their school to study in class eighth and he was introduced with having some unusual emotional traits like hitting people with whatever he has nearby. He would never control his raze whenever people tease him. On top of it, very low IQ to deal with. This is how that boy's condition was. Usually how a corporate school did respond at this situation..? His joining would become a big question in the first place.

But here, Mahesh sri potti Sriramulu Andhra high school, the staff and HM accepted this boy to try their level best to help him in all aspects. They instructed remaining all school children to not tease the newly joined boy. And told them to act in a kind way whenever the boy misbehaved with them. And when the boy keeps stuttering. Children also extended their co-operation. That special abled boy was given a post of chief secretary in the school cabinet. He was entrusted to take care of the cycles in the premises. He felt responsibility soon after having the post.

Thereafter, his behavior entirely has been changed. He started coming to the school earlier than other pupils. Doing his entrusted work carefully and he would identify every room key of the school. In addition, he has never beaten any other kid with raze in these six months. A new boy has come out of him now and which has possible with the efforts of the school staff. He has been presented a pen by the HM for his metamorphosis. Experiments are not only done in the labs but also done in the classroom. This is the sheer example for the age old maxim.   

--- Murthy

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  1. this is not easy as you said and all the staff and pupils deserve a great appreciation. Kudos to all for assisting a boy falling behind.