August 23, 2023

How Come A Place Named after so...

 It's quite common every street has a name and sometimes the names of the streets evoke emotional backdrop when they have been named after something unique. Bhadrachalam , the temple town too has a place which throws a quizzical challenge with almost it's obscure name that one can, probably, never come across anywhere else. That's Thatha Gudi Center. Yes, you heard it right. It's  one of the oldest streets in the town. Everybody calls it as Thatha Gudi center. if we get it translated in to English which is roughly meant by Grand father temple center. Here is a temple of Lord Anjaneya in the midst of the center. But it doesn't have any connection with the name of the street.

And of course, we would behold a holy construction behind it and which is the temple of Sri Varadaraja Swamy. Some senior citizens opined that the street's named after the latter deity. It's clueless whether  Varadaraja Swamy has any other name like Thatha (Grand father) to get this center named as Thatha Gudi center. However, very few people seldom thought of it though they would go by and by on their own works over the place.  Once upon a time, this center was most prominent one with unending festivities, be it Sri Krishnashtami, Sankranthi, Sri Rama Navami and what not. Adults and children would gather here to wish each other. Lots of revelry and gala time. It is all a past thing now.

Up to mid eighties, some banks were around here and exactly to say, a few yards away where we find a medical shop at present. With passing time, Church street housed almost all banks and which turned a busy place ever. Transformation is unstoppable. Now Thatha Gudi center has it's own importance but not the sheen of yesteryears. Then we have had Atmaram book stall around here and it was synonymous to allrounder in stationary materials. Here we have some age old Arya Vyasya hotels with glorious past in serving lip smacking items. 

--- Murthy

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