August 15, 2023

"Jailer" Movie Review

 Rajani Kant strikes again with a pulsating and racing thriller Movie Jailer. Intelligent twists, mind boggling narration mixed with apt cast did a wonder at the Box-office. The movie falls into many genres. How.. ? It's is a pack of revenge saga, hilarious comedy and sentimental melodrama all these ingredients tinged with the power of other regional super heroes like Mohan Lal and Shiva Rajkumar and of course from Bollywood Jock Shroff also there.   

Rajani is so shrewd about what character is tailor made one for his present constraint of age. As a grand father doing Youtube videos with a kid opens up a novel move into a grand plunge of action in its own way. His son, a police officer,  was reported to be murdered by an international smuggling gang in dealing with concerned activities. And the same thing was maintained low key among the top brass of the department. It triggered many doubts in Rajani.

Then our hero girds up  to move in his own way with the help of his henchmen Mohan Lal and Shiva Rajkumar and Jocky Shroff. He hatches intelligent game plans constantly in order to face with the cruel don Varma. One must watch the show how the entire game lasted and how an ex-Jailer of Tihar prison outwitted Varma the monster in disguise. Action scenes and comedy scenes are the real oxygen to the movie. Director Nelson Dileep Kumar has done a magnificent job to uplift the movie in every aspect.

Alchemy of grand stars seem to get good results even by now from all quarters. Anirudh's Musical score helped but songs wise no number is catchy when compared Rajani's movies in the past. This review is based on the Telugu version of movie. We don't whether the original flavor not reflected in the dubbing version. However, this time Rajani magic came as a big bang with a mix of all masala ingredients. Climax scene conceived in the picture is stunning and it justified at the same time.

Rating : We give no rating. It's purely for entertainment purpose.

--- Murthy


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