October 6, 2023

They Made a Mark by helping the distressed family

  Everybody says these days have become a dearth of kindness towards the real needy people. We see how commercial elements crept into our society, yet, there were people with generosity to help others within their all capabilities. Am going to disclose one particular happening which showcased how a group in a small village made a big difference with many others in terms of charity. Cherla is a mandal headquarters in the division of Bhadrachalam and where a Gurkha has been living for decades. He came from a distant Nepal country to earn a living. The Gukha's name was Rajender Bahadur and he was living with his family.

Out of some unknown distress, he committed suicide and the family became helpless all of a sudden. One of the village men, Cheemakurthi Bhadram has taken the initiative to collect possible donations from fellow philanthropists and in the line of it many people responded with a broad heart. There were journalists, businessmen, peasants and many other professionals who came forward to help the poor family. Every day kept pouring donations which were featured in the group of whatsapp. Many have contributed something in their capacity. It was the beauty of Cherla, it's not the first instance of people coming forward to help others.

Senior Journalist Javvadi Murali Krishna has donated Rs.10000/- in cash, 25kg rice and other commodities worth two thousand rupees to his family and the Javvadi family always stands forefront of this sort of charity. Neeli Praksh, Gaddam Mani Kumar, Thotamalla Ramana Murthy, Sivaraju Kishor, Erramilli Kiran, Mehaboob Pathan, Guba Suresh, Lanka Venkat participated in the event. As the news came today, Rs. 73000/- altogether was donated to the distressed family with the help of Mandal people belonging to different walks of life. This is a true example of heralding the legacy of Cherla. Let it be continued forever. 

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