April 14, 2024

Exposure Tour to A Preserved Legacy

 Ramappa temple, a prominent architectural wonder was constructed during the 12th century by the general Recherla Rudra of Ganapati Deva who belonged to the Kakatiya dynasty. It is approximately 60km away from Warangal. The temple complex has mostly been disintegrated by the strides of enemies, plunderers, and destroyers and the onslaught of natural calamities still commanded its past glory and the awe of reverence for its craftmanship.

Under the guidance of P. Ramakrishna, HM of SNM ZPH School, Bhadrachalam the staff and the pupil have visited the glorious temple yesterday in the part of exposure tour to explore the age old marvel of construction which even withstood a massive earthquake in the 17th century due to the technical prowess (sandbox technique) used by the architect Ramappa in those remote years. Because of its rare style of construction , the temple was declared as a UNESCO world heritage one in 2021.

In fact, the temple was dedicated to the Deity of Rudreswara Swamy but it has been treated as Ramappa temple in general. Perhaps it's the only temple in the entire world to get named after a chief of sculptor. A rare honour indeed. Apart from the main temple, the complex has two other temples dedicated to Kameswara Swamy and Kateswara Swamy. The statue of Nandi is another designing marvel in many aspects. Intricate adornments on the walls in the form of dancing females, musicians and elephants are the clear example for the brilliant craftmanship of Indian sculptors lived in those years.

Also visited the Laknavaram hanging bridge in the mandal of Govindaraopet of Mulugu district. This scenic lake was developed by Kakatiyas in the 13th century as a source of irrigation. This is mainly rain fed lake. Telangana tourism development department has built cottages, a viewing tower along with ferries to have rides in the water. The mini Island in the lake seems wonderful with lush green in the monsoon season. Dhanikonda Srinivasa Rao explained concerned details of the places. Here are some pics depicting the entire tour. School staff G. Satyanarayana, Tanneeru Srinivasa Rao, Patel, Seshayya, K. Srinivasa Rao, Venkatesh, R. Venkateswalu, T. Satyanarayana, Balaji Raju, B.Krishna, Babu Rao, Murthy, Raj kumar, Vijay Raju, Swaranijani,Bharathi,Veeramma, Radha, Subbalakshmi, Manjula vani, Sindhu and others participated.


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