June 17, 2024

Things we need to know about stray dogs


Sometimes we seriously scold stray dogs when a dog bites someone or harms a child. After that, we forget and get busy with our work. But our society does not think about them constructively. No matter what anyone thinks, stray dogs are a part of our life from the village to the city. 

Because we are the country with the largest number of stray dogs in the world. They have a population of 70 million. It is also known that most people die of rabies in our country! We should also remove from our minds that every dog ​​we see is not harmful.

A good observation of stray dogs is that when they are threatened or something is thrown at them as if provoked, they will immediately chase after them in self-defense. Sometimes they bark even if we don't do anything.

 It's not to intimidate they bark, but they do that when someone new comes into their boundary. At such times, we generally either hit them with what we have in our hands or we try to run away. They will become more agitated if we do so. 

At such a time, we should not look into their eyes, and we shouldn't run, but we have to walk as calmly as possible. Moreover, while walking like that, we go forward with a little pretension of coughing now and then, and they would go back after screaming for a while.

Everyone in our country should know a lot about stray dog ​​psychology! Because whether you go to Delhi or Galli they are everywhere. Killing them is an offense under Sections 428 and 429 of the IPC, which carries a two-year jail term. 

Moreover, if someone disturbs such dogs by feeding them, it is also a crime! The Supreme Court has condemned the cruel treatment of stray dogs because they do not know par with humans. The life span of a stray dog ​​is three and a half to four years. Because they don't live longer due to lack of proper food and diseases.

And is there no country that has completely controlled stray dogs? Yes, that is the country of the Netherlands. It does not mean that all the dogs roaming in the street were killed and thrown away. Those who buy expensive breed dogs from shops have imposed excessive taxes by the government.

 Subsidies have been given to those who adopt stray dogs. So now not a single dog is seen on the streets of the Netherlands without having a shelter. Thus, the Netherlands has received the accolade as the country that has completely solved the problem of stray dogs.

 Our native dogs are in no way inferior in any sense compared to the foreign breed. Unfortunately due to the lack of proper nutrition and food, the poor stray dogs are living in the worst condition of hygiene. 

 Let's hope that good days will come for those dumb souls and by the way do you know what countries do like dogs most in the world? America, Japan, Chile, Germany, and Canada are the countries that love dogs the most. 

Surprisingly, there is not a single dog in the Maldives. The dogs that were originally somewhere in the forest were brought by man a few thousand years ago as they were useful for hunting, protection, and other needs.

 They got multiplied like this. With the arrival of foreign breeds, the domestic dog was pushed to the streets. So it is the responsibility of man as an intellectual to look at them with sympathy and solve the problem. 

The American writer Jack London once said that after the human eyes, the dog's eyes can show all the emotions the most.

                  ----- Murthy KVVS (godavari333@gmail.com)

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