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October 2, 2023

Gandhiji Continues to Inspire Forever

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was a great man who introduced the theory of non-violence to the world, said collector Dr. Ala Priyanka. Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations were held today at the collectorate of Bhadradri Kothagudem. Paid tributes to the portrait of the father of the nation and by having placed flowers. On this occasion, she said that whatever Gandhiji said, he practiced in his own life. He believed in the doctrine of non-violence and got support from the entire world, thus he proved the essence of non-violence by which he attained freedom to the country.

Mahatma Gandhi uttered the importance of the villages and country won't progress without the development of villages. He worked tirelessly to eradicate untouchability. Now central and state governments have been striving on the mission of Swach Bharat it was a dream of such a great soul once. He traveled the entire country after he returned from abroad to understand the pulse of the nation. Unhygienic condition in our villages was keenly observed and he enlightened the public about the importance of cleanliness, all the employees of the collectorate should work with the inspiration of principles of Gandhiji, she elaborated on the occasion.  

Additional collector P. Rambabu, PD DRDA Madhusudan Raju, District revenue officer Ravindranath, AO Ganya, district-level officers and the staff of the collectorate have participated in the program.


October 1, 2023

Last rites

 Head Constable Sridevi's last rites completed with official decorations at Kothagudem. Police officials, staff and local people who attended the last rites of Head Constable Sridevi who died accidentally in the line of duty. The funeral procession started from her home and the last rites were carried out by the District Armed Forces, Police who also earlier conducted a parade at the Hindu Cemetery of Old Depot Road via Super Bazaar and fired three times in the air.


September 22, 2023

Surprise Inspection

  ITDA Project Officer Pratik Jain said that various measures are being taken to strengthen the education system from the foundation to the students ,studying in ashram schools of tribal welfare department and the concerned teachers should pay special attention to recognize letters in a way that they can understand.

         On Friday, he made a surprise inspection of the GPS School at Rajupeta Colony in Bhadrachalam. After examining the abilities of the students and expressing his satisfaction, he asked each child to write math, quadratic processes, English, Telugu and reading on the board, and he congratulated the teachers as the children were active in every subject and from now on, every child should understand all the subjects thoroughly and achieve good proficiency in the coming classes, he said. To do this, he personally handed over 500 rupees to the concerned HM to paint the green board well.

         DD Tribal Welfare Officer Manemma, Rajupeta LFL HM Basia and others participated in this program.


September 18, 2023

Project Officer conveyed festival greetings

 ITDA project officer Pratik Jain IAS, expressed his wishes everyone on the occasion of Vinayaka chavithi festival. It is to be celebrated without any caste, religion and discrimination. He also wishes specially the employees serving the tribals and tribal students in the agency area. According to Hindu tradition, the festival is celebrated with devotion and specific rituals. All the nine days of festival time be filled with various decorations and grandeur. 

He conveyed greetings to all the teachers, parents of students, officials working in the ITDA office and staff in a statement on Sunday.



September 13, 2023

TET Examination

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala said that all arrangements should be made to conduct the TET examination without any possibility of mal practices. A meeting was held with the Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers and Route Officers in the meeting hall of the IDOC office on Tuesday regarding the conduct of the TET examination to be held on the 15th of this month. Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said that 37 centers have been set up in the district to conduct the TET examination. He said that a seating plan should be prepared for conducting the examination.

 She said that on 15th of this month, the first paper will be conducted from 9.30 am to 12 pm and the second paper from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. She said that 37 centers have been set up for the first paper exam conducted in the morning and 29 centers for the second paper exam conducted in the evening. At Kothagudem, Palvancha, Manuguru, 8,717 candidates are appearing for the exam and altogether  37 examination centers set up in district. 

She said that section 144 will be imposed at every examination center to prevent any untoward incident. The RTC officials have been directed to arrange additional buses for the candidates to reach the examination centers on time. Electricity authorities have been advised to ensure uninterrupted power supply without power interruption. 380 Invigilators, 148 Hall Superintendents, 37 Departmental Officers, 37 Chief Superintendents, She said that 9 route officers and 9 flying squad officers have been appointed.

She said that CC TVs should be set up. Mission Bhagiratha  officials are advised to supply safe fresh water , besides setting up an emergency medical center at every examination centre, adequate medicines should be kept ready. She said that sanitation programs should be organized in the examination centers and kept clean. Nearby Xerox centers should be closed. And cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in the examination centers and they will be allowed to enter the examination centers after close inspection. District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala clarified that if candidates have any suggestions or doubts regarding the TET examination, they should call the help desk of the district education office or the control room number Sai Krishna 9396654181 and clear the doubts.

DRO Rabindranath, DEO Venkateswarachari, Assistant Commissioner of Examination ,S Madhava Rao, Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Route Officers, Flying Squad Officers and others participated in this meeting.


A Check handed over to the family of deceased policeman

District SP Dr. VineethG IPS handed over a check of Rs 60,000/- to the family members of Head Constable T. Ramachandra Reddy who died due to ill health while performing duties in District AR Division of Bhadradri Kothagudem yesterday at the office of District SP. The SP said that the police officers and personnel should always be vigilant about their health and follow precautions. He said that the district police department will always stand by the families of the deceased policemen. The officials involved have been informed to take steps to ensure that all kinds of rewards are received on behalf of the government as soon as possible.

AO of District Police Office Jayaraju, District Police Officers Association President Srinivasa Rao, Vice President Aesobu, Srinivas and members Sudhakar, Office Junior Assistant Madhu and others participated in this program.


September 10, 2023

Cherukuri Sekhar Babu couple Made a donation

 Cherukuri Sekhar Babu and his wife Madhavi of Palvancha donated a sum of Rs. 1,00,116- to Sri Seeta Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam for the purpose of "Annadaanam". Celestial marriage of Venugopala swamy and Rukmini, Satyabhama would be performed tomorrow (11.9.23) in the premises of Chitra kuta mandapam on the occasion of concluding Bhagavatha Saptaham.

September 8, 2023

Jayanta Mahapatra : A Stalwart in Indian English Poetry

  Jayanta Mahapatra (94) passed away on 27th of last month. Then I was asked to write some sentences, because I remained silent due to my own reasons. Many have written. But I will write now what I think of him. In Indian literature, especially in relation to poetry, there is a trio to say. They are AK Ramanujan, R. Parthasarathi and Jayanta Mahapatra who died recently. Jayanta's name has been familiar to readers of English literature since about two generations ago. Even abroad..!

It was Jayanta who blazed a new path with themes related to his daily life, not the path paved by English poetry written by people like Nissim Ejikel and Arun Kolatkar from Bombay in those days. Jayanta's English poetry was written based on his own Oriya life. He wrote not only poetry but also stories and essays. Out of total 27 books, twenty books were written  in English and seven books in Oriya language.

Indian English magazines started publishing his works only after foreign magazines recognized and published them. Magazines like The New Yorker, New England, Chicago Review, Georgia Review, and The New Republic initially encouraged his English poetry. His writings were well published in Bi Monthly like Indian Literature published by Kendra Sahitya Akademi and in other desi magazines.

He was the first to be awarded the Central Sahitya Academy Fellowship in English Literature. There is a long list of awards and honorary doctorates. Although he was a physics teacher by nature, his English poetry made him special. He started writing poetry very late i.e. from the age of 40. Chandrabhaga, a literary magazine published by him from Cuttack, is a notable milestone in the field of Indian English literary service.

Satchidananda Mohanty, a fan (retired English professor) writing about Jayantha Mahapatra said that his childhood was painfully torn between two worlds, and he used to tell his friends about it in his last stages. Jayantha Mahapatra's grandfather converted to Christianity and used to follow those practices at home, but as all his relatives were orthodox conservatives, he was far away from Hinduism.

The poem "Grandfather" was actually written for their grandfather. It got a good reputation. The gist of it is that he was converted to save himself from a terrible drought in 1866. In those days, food was given only to those who had converted to Christianity in camps to help them from famine. Jayanta described it pathetically in that poem.

He lived for 94 years and seems to have predicted his death in advance. When a publisher told him that I would publish your collection of poems, Birds of Water, in December 2023, he joked that  would I be alive till then. That came true unfortunately. The Orissa state government conducted the last rites with state honors.

--- Murthy 

Peace Committee Meeting

With the instructions given by  Bhadradri Kothagudem district SP Vineeth IPS, ASP of Bhadrachalam Pankaj Paritosh IPS conducted a peace committee meeting at his office with the members of various religious outfits like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Gosamrakshana Samiti and Bhadrachalam Muslim Jamaat Committee members in view of upcoming Ganesh Celebrations. 

 suggestions were taken into consideration to ensure peaceful conduct of upcoming Ganesh celebrations and precautionary measures were discussed so that no one faces any trouble. ASP advised to celebrate Ganesh celebrations peacefully with devotion and discussed the precautions to be taken in upcoming Ganesh celebrations. Bhadrachalam CI Nagaraju Reddy, Traffic SI Srinivas, Town SIs Madhu Prasad, PVN Rao, Vijayalakshmi, Bajrang Dal Ajay Kumar, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Siddhartha Mekala, Gorakshana Samiti Manikantha and Bhadrachalam Muslim Jamaat committee members Halim Khan, Munaf, Shafi, Abdullah and others participated in this meeting.

#Peace #Meeting #Ganesh #Celebrations

August 31, 2023

Mamidi Harika : A Silambam Sensation

 Silambam (Karra Saamu) champion from our temple town..? Surprised a lot when I first saw the video of her practicing in our nearby grounds, perhaps. Well, the video was sent by my friend Srinivas garu in the last month. And a few paper statements were also seen in which she was receiving compliments from the local dignitaries. In fact, it's really a rare phenomenon being a girl performer of Silambam. She is none other than Mamidi Harika, a resident of Rajupeta Colony, Bhadrachalam.

Harika completed her degree and now keep pursuing library computer science at Vijayawada. And she is practicing Silambam unlike many other girls in our society. Because Silambam is a traditional martial art, generally considered to be a male domain. However, a most welcoming change in all respects. And she achieved more feathers in her crown like Gold medal in the state level silambam tournaments held at Vijayawada and Bronze medal in the National tournaments. In brief to say,  three times international gold medalist and her coach is K. Satya Srikanth.

Harika won Gold medal in the recent South Asian silambam tournaments held at Bangalore in the last week of August. Eight countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sudan and Ghana participated including our country. She has been steadily going on to higher echelons with her grit and good practice. Silambam practice makes one bodily fit and healthy. Not only that a self - defense method with minimal weapon. Harika remains a shining example for all the present day youth, especially girls.

Let's know a little bit of facts about Silambam. Silambam is nothing but Karra saamu in Telugu. It was an indigenous martial art, started in our country some thousands of years back, roughly around 4th century BC. According to historians, this martial art had been referred in Sangam literature. Agastya was considered to be the originator of it. Stick or Staff generally procured from the Bamboo, Teak or Indian chestnut wood.

They also used silambam to attack animals apart from the purpose of self defense. It improves flexibility, awareness, strength and muscular cardio vascular stamina in the body. Let many other aspirants come forward to learn this traditional martial art form, a glorious legacy, with the impact and influence of Mamidi Harika.  

--- Murthy

#Silambam#Bamboostaff#Practice #Selfdefence#Martial art #traditional #legacy

New Mahindra Tractor Donated

 A devotee Sri Bansari Das Roshan Lal of Hyderabad donated a brand new Mahindra Tractor to the Lord Rama, yesterday. It was donated to use in the service of Devasthanam works. The tractor worth Rs.7,75,000/- and which has been handed over to Mrs. L. Rama Devi (E.O.of Devasthanam). One more update is that Nitya Kalyanam rituals will be resumed again from Sep 1 of this year and it has been stopped temporarily because of Pavitrotsavamulu. 



August 29, 2023

Immersion of Ramakoti Books

Pavitra utsavaalu (Holy celebrations) have been going on in the  renowned temple of  Bhadrachala Sri Seeta Ramachandra Swamy. Monday, Pavitra aarohanam rituals were done in a great way and they turned eye feasting all over. Harathi has been given after performing special pujas.

Ramakoti Books submitted by the devotees were immersed in the holy waters of Godavari river. They have all been brought to the river with a rally chanting Lord Rama's name, all along the streets. After ablutions being performed with pasupu and kumkuma all the Ramakoti Books immersed into the waters of River Godavari. Apart from it, Mrs. L. Ramadevi has taken charge as E.O. today.    

#Immersion#Ramakoti #books

August 27, 2023

A Commendable Initiative For the Public

 A team of philanthropists named "Mee kosam Memunnaamu" , belonged to the place of Cherla  set an example for the cause of Service by providing food to the needy people every Sunday. Today's program is in line of 93rd week. The people who come to the weekly fair and others are seen queued up to utilize this service and which has been going on without any hassle with the support of like minded good samaritans. Each week is sponsored by a donor , on the occasion of some special celebration, be it a wedding anniversary or a birthday bash or something else. This week is donated by Munagala Krishna and Kavitha Rani of Nagarjuna sagar , on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

This weekly food donation program gained momentum in course of time. And it brought a special recognition for the place with its non stop activity as there has been no dearth for helping hands to support with every possible effort. Chairman of the organization Lion Neeli Prakash said that we should all share something with fellow beings from what we have, on the auspicious occasions of our lives. And it's an obvious example for the same.

Vice-Sarpanch  Siripuram Shiva, Javvadi Sathish, Doddi Thatha Rao, Suri babu, Ramana Rao, Dodda Prabhudas, Marla Prasad, Karnati Madhu,  Neeli Simhachalam, Tandavarayudu, Gommugudem Chary, Sollangi Nageswar Rao,Komari Srinivasa Rao, Paritala Rama mastar, Bhadram, Potluru Nehru, Marla Raja and others participated in the event.

--- Murthy


August 23, 2023

How Come A Place Named after so...

 It's quite common every street has a name and sometimes the names of the streets evoke emotional backdrop when they have been named after something unique. Bhadrachalam , the temple town too has a place which throws a quizzical challenge with almost it's obscure name that one can, probably, never come across anywhere else. That's Thatha Gudi Center. Yes, you heard it right. It's  one of the oldest streets in the town. Everybody calls it as Thatha Gudi center. if we get it translated in to English which is roughly meant by Grand father temple center. Here is a temple of Lord Anjaneya in the midst of the center. But it doesn't have any connection with the name of the street.

And of course, we would behold a holy construction behind it and which is the temple of Sri Varadaraja Swamy. Some senior citizens opined that the street's named after the latter deity. It's clueless whether  Varadaraja Swamy has any other name like Thatha (Grand father) to get this center named as Thatha Gudi center. However, very few people seldom thought of it though they would go by and by on their own works over the place.  Once upon a time, this center was most prominent one with unending festivities, be it Sri Krishnashtami, Sankranthi, Sri Rama Navami and what not. Adults and children would gather here to wish each other. Lots of revelry and gala time. It is all a past thing now.

Up to mid eighties, some banks were around here and exactly to say, a few yards away where we find a medical shop at present. With passing time, Church street housed almost all banks and which turned a busy place ever. Transformation is unstoppable. Now Thatha Gudi center has it's own importance but not the sheen of yesteryears. Then we have had Atmaram book stall around here and it was synonymous to allrounder in stationary materials. Here we have some age old Arya Vyasya hotels with glorious past in serving lip smacking items. 

--- Murthy

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August 21, 2023

Allotment of Liquor Shops Was Done

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka said that the process of allotment of liquor shops was done in a transparent manner through lottery.  

The Collector participated in the lottery process conducted for the allotment of 88 shops under the auspices of the District Excise Department at Bhadradri Auditorium in Zen colony, today. On this occasion, the Collector said that as per the guidelines of the State Government, Excise department has taken applications for setting up liquor shops from 4th August to 18th.    

                     She said that 5057 people have applied for 88 liquor shops across the district. She said that the lottery process in the presence of the applicants was done with utmost security and the process was videotaped. LED TV has been installed so that the applicants can watch. She said that passes have been issued in advance to control the crowd so that no untoward incident took place, expressed happiness that the lottery process was conducted in a very transparent manner in a calm environment amid tight security. 

Additional Collector Rambabu, Excise Deputy Commissioner Janardhan Reddy, District Excise Officer Janaiah, Excise CIs, SIs  and others participated in this program.

#Allotment#Liquor shops

Crime Review Meeting

 SP Dr. Vineeth G IPS held a crime review meeting with the district police officers in the conference hall of the district SP office today. On this occasion, the SP said that all the police officers should perform their duties responsibly so that the criminals are punished and the accused are brought to justice. He inquired about the details of the cases. He said that visible policing should be continuously available to the public as part of maintaining peace. He suggested that strict action should be taken against the people who engage in illegal activities that cause trouble to the general public. 

Special surveillance should be established and legal action should be taken against people who engage in unsocial activities like ganja transportation, matka and betting. It is suggested that special surveillance should be established on people who commit organized crimes and action should be taken against them in advance. Awareness programs should be organized across the district about the need of She Teams. They asked to increase the trust more. The police officers and staff who showed excellence in their duties were handed over certificates of appreciation. Certificates of appreciation were handed over to the police officers and staff who showed merit in their vertical-wise duties. 

Bhadrachalam ASP Pankaj Paritosh IPS, DSPs Venkatesh, Ramana Murthy, Raghavendra Rao, Rahman, Mallaya Swamy and CIs, SIs and staff of the district participated in this meeting.


August 15, 2023

Freedom is a result of many sacrifices : SP Dr. Vineet

In celebration of the 77th Independence Day, District SP Dr. Vineeth G IPS unveiled the national flag at the SP office today. Speaking on the occasion, the SP said that the country got freedom because of the sacrifice of many  precious lives. He said that independence was achieved after tireless struggles. Many people sacrificed their lives in the history of freedom struggle and it is our responsibility to inform future generations about their sacrifices. He informed that the staff are performing their duties responsibly and are providing services with integrity and honesty. Everyone is requested to be a partner in helping the dreams of the warriors who laid down their lives to achieve freedom for our country.

Additional SP (Operations) T. Sai Manohar, AR Additional SP Vijay Babu, Bhadrachalam ASP Pankaj Parithosh IPS, Palvancha DSP Venkatesh, Kothagudem DSP Rahman, Manguru DSP Raghavendra RaoIllendu DSP Ramana Murthy , DCRB DSP Mallaya swamy, CI Venkateswarlu, AO Jayaraju, SB Inspectors Nagaraju, Raju varma, Police officers union president Srinivasa Rao and other staff participated in the event.

August 13, 2023

The Police extended the welfare programs in the remote tribal pockets

District SP Dr.Vineet.G who toured extensively in Charla and Dummugudem mandals, yesterday and on behalf of the  Police Department SP started the development programs in remote tribal villages, the aim of the police is to provide minimum facilities to the migrant tribal people said SP Dr.Vineeth.

 Additional SP Operations T. Sai Manohar, Bhadrachalam ASP Paritosh Pankaj IPS participated in this program along with SP. Earlier, SP Dr. Vineeth G IPS started a free mega medical camp organized by Charla police at Burugupadu, a Gutti Koya village in Charla mandal.  Medical examinations were conducted for children and old people and all they belonged to 50 families.. Medical examinations were conducted by a special medical team from Bhadrachalam and Charla.

 Volleyball kits were given to the youth of the village. Later, when floods occurred in the middle of the Charla to Pusuguppa road, the roads were washed away and people's traffic was disrupted. 04 bridges are to be  constructed on this road with central government funds and SP inaugurated concerned works. He said that henceforth the people of Pusuguppa will not face any difficulty in reaching Charla. He laid the foundation stone for the construction of the protection wall at the Unjupalli CRPF camp.    

 After that, they handed over a Ganuga oil mill equipment purchased at a cost of Rs.3,20,000/- to the villagers of Unjupalli. A land survey was conducted with the authorities to construct a sports complex for the youth of the mandal in Charla Lenin Colony. The newly constructed sports complex in Dummugudem mandal was inspected and several suggestions were made to the officials there. Speaking about these programs, the SP said that the district police department is constantly working for the welfare of the migrant adivasis in the district. 

Charla CI Rajagopal, Dummugudem CI Ramesh, CIs Ashok, Raju Verma, SIs TVR Suri, Narsireddy, Keshav and other staff members participated in these programs.

August 7, 2023

Mission Indradhanusu


District Collector Dr. Priyanka launched the Mission Indradhansu program at Indiranagar Primary Medical Center of Palvancha Mandal on Monday. Mission Indra Dhanush advised everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated. 

The collector said that the Mission Indra Dhanusu program will be organized from today to the 12th in all the primary health centers of the district. According to the National Immunization Program schedule, unvaccinated children between 0 to 5 years of age and pregnant women have been identified, and the unvaccinated children and pregnant women will be vaccinated in special sessions organized as part of the Mission Indra Dhanusu programme.

July 26, 2023

Streams are overflowing

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala has directed the authorities to move the people of the low-lying areas to the rehabilitation centers as nearly two lakh cusecs of water is being released downstream from the Taliperu project. The District Collector ordered the authorities to continuously monitor the villages in the flooded area as heavy flood water is entering the project. He said that the flow of traffic should be controlled as the flood water has reached the road from Bhadrachalam to Charla at Satyanarayanapuram and R. Kothagudem.

 They said that barricading should be done along with danger warning boards to prevent people from being transported. People are told not to come out of their houses as it is raining incessantly. Farmers are advised not to go for agricultural work as the streams are overflowing and people should also take precautions not to try to cross. Fishermen are told not to go fishing. She said that the cattle should be kept at home without being allowed to graze outside, and the cattle should be moved to higher areas in case of flood. People are told to call control room numbers for emergency services. She said that the authorities should be available in the working positions.