July 26, 2023

Temple Hundi Income

 Today, Hundi income counting was done at Sri Seeta Ramachandra Swamy's Devasthanam, Bhadrachalam. It has taken place after 63 days and total cash received is Rs. 1,70,49,637/- while 400 grams of gold and 1.7 kg silver were collected from hundi. Apart from it, foreign currency is also found in hundi. 516 US Dollars, 60,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, 25 Australian Dollars, 10 Canadian Dollars, 5 Omani Rials, 300 Omani Baisas, 5 Maldivian Rupees, 45 UAE Dirhams, 11.5 Kuwait Dinars, 100 Qatar Riyals, 2 Singapore Dollars were received as income in hundi.   

Streams are overflowing

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka Ala has directed the authorities to move the people of the low-lying areas to the rehabilitation centers as nearly two lakh cusecs of water is being released downstream from the Taliperu project. The District Collector ordered the authorities to continuously monitor the villages in the flooded area as heavy flood water is entering the project. He said that the flow of traffic should be controlled as the flood water has reached the road from Bhadrachalam to Charla at Satyanarayanapuram and R. Kothagudem.

 They said that barricading should be done along with danger warning boards to prevent people from being transported. People are told not to come out of their houses as it is raining incessantly. Farmers are advised not to go for agricultural work as the streams are overflowing and people should also take precautions not to try to cross. Fishermen are told not to go fishing. She said that the cattle should be kept at home without being allowed to graze outside, and the cattle should be moved to higher areas in case of flood. People are told to call control room numbers for emergency services. She said that the authorities should be available in the working positions.

July 23, 2023

Paragon of Odia's self - Respect : Fakir Mohan Senapati

 Fakir Mohan Senapati (1843 - 1918) made his entry into the literary scenario of Odisha when the province was reeling under the humiliation of an identity crisis. The administrative structure of Odisha was such that the land was disintegrated and was reduced to the three districts of Cuttack, Puri and Balasore. The Odia speaking tracts were scattered over the Bengal Presidency, the Madras Presidency and the Central Presidency. Owing to this peculiar administrative structure and the establishment of the Calcutta University the Bengalis were able to avail better educational opportunities and got posted as top rank officials in Odisha. The Odia people were harshly relegated to the background. Taking advantage of their privileged position a section of Bengalis tried and nearly succeeded in convincing the colonial rulers that Odia was not a separate language but a 'corrupt' version of Bengali. Consequently ,Odia was withdrawn from the educational institutions and Bengali was introduced in its place.

The Conspiracy of the Bengalis to replace Odia with Bengali in the educational institutions was evident from the remark made by the Bengali scholar Rajendralal Mitra in the Utkala Dipika of 13 March, 1869. Mitra wrote that whoever was a well-wisher of Utkala would try to substitute the language of Utkala with Bengali because as long as the Odia language was not abolished the development of Utkala was not possible.

There was sharp reaction among the intelligentsia and the cultural leaders of Odisha like Gouri Shankar Ray and Madhusudan Das, Maharaja Sri Ramachandra BhanjaDeo against this absurd and arbitrary decision of authorities. Soon it got wider and more intense and resulted in the language movement in the late sixties. With the appearance of the dynamic Fakir Mohan in the scene, the movement acquired a new and larger dimension of the socio - political sub - nationalist movement. He along with Gouri Shankar and others , spearheaded a courageous venture to regain the Odia race its identity. Fakir Mohan hence, besides being hailed as an iconic figure in Odia literature is looked upon as a grand patriarch of the Odia movement. He is appropriately called as the epoch maker who struggled dedicatedly to haul Odia language out of the abyss of ignominy. He had harbingered a new era in Odia literature through a redefining of the socio- cultural status of Odisha in the perspective of a linguistic regionalism.

A versatile literary genius Fakir Mohan tried his hand in almost all forms of writing , novel, short story essay, biography and poetry. He writes with a bold conviction and a genuineness that they flawlessly mirrors the virtues and vices of  the individuals and the society. The spontaneity of expression that displays a fine blending of witty yet blunt sarcasm and fluid humor makes his writings irresistible to the readers. His long poem Utkal Bhramanam , is the first specimen of travel writing in Odia. It is a unique piece of literary work because it is not a travelogue in the actual sense of the term.

 It does not recount the details of the poet's physical tour through Odisha/Utkal or the experiences of meeting the eminent people during a real visit to the places they lived in. It may appear unbelievable, but it is true that a large part of the text was written while he was riding an elephant during an official journey from Keonjhar to Ananadpur. Dr. Mayadhar Mansingh describes Utkala Bhramanam as the first 'original poem' of Fakir Mohan. According to Dr. Mansingh this long poem is not a travel book in reality but an unusually unorthodox and humorous survey of the contemporary personalities of Odisha. It is rather a literary journey across Odisha that happens in the poet's thought, but the places and people mentioned here are very much real and not the product of the poet's imagination.   

Utkala Bhramanam is a multilayered text that could be read as a satire, a historical account of the great achievers of Odisha, a biography, and a fun-exciting parody at the same time. It could also be read as a document that catalogues the names of important persons who made significant contribution to the retrieval and reshaping of the Odia identity that was facing a big risk of going out of existence. Fakir Mohan critics observe that the poem records the details of Senapati's hard struggle to connect the dismembered parts of Odisha through an imagined journey in its cultural space. This deceptively simple text actually has manifold contours of narrative ingeniousness that demands a serious and in- depth study. 

It begins with an invocation of Goddess Sharala ,the goddess who is believed be the inspirer of creativity.It was a traditional practice of poets to invoke the mercy and blessings  of gods or goddesses before starting to write. But Fakir Mohan's invocation has a distinctive quality about it because here instead of following the traditional pattern of invocation he ridicules the practice making it sound shallow and funny.  

A popular saying goes in the village

That some fellows have the habit

Of buying abuses;

I may be one such fellow

But I cannot help it,

That is the way you have made me O' Goddess

To buy censor is my happy habit;

This is followed by the poet's proud proclamation that his mother land Utkal is the holiest and loveliest place in Bharata/India. He sings of the spiritual glory of this sacred patch of land:

A sacred patch of land is Utkala

In this country Bharata

Virtuous people dwell here,

To catch a glimpse of the holy place

Pilgrims flock in from far and near;

Shortly after that he grieves 

Shortly after that he grieves the disintegration of Odisha :

But alas! The land is now disembarked

Its opulence is lost in oblivion

Its South the Kamma's and its north the Bengalis

Have grabbed as their own

He expresses his deep concern at the way the non-Odia provinces used to exploit the Odia people and reap the benefits of their hard work. 

The Marwaris, the Bhojpuris and  and the Gujaratis

Have monopolized

Odisha's commerce and trade,

The Odia people toil and till farmlands

The Gujaratis reap the benefits instead;

He is upset with the fact that men in all the offices are foreigners and even the clerk in a post office is not a native of Odisha. He refers to the permanent settlements which would take away whatever power the zamindars of Odisha enjoyed.

Judges and lawyers, all are foreigners

The clerk in the post office too

Is a man from the foreign land,

After the next settlement

The zamindars will see

Power going out of their hands;

He, at this point, seems to reconcile to the fact that the Odia race is destined to be humiliated by the non-Odias and the British. He decides, hence, instead of elaborating upon the pathetic plight of the Odias, to move on to write about the important figures of Odisha and their noteworthy achievements. He is vociferous about the noble services rendered by eminent characters like Madhusudana Das (Barrister of Law and the founder president of Utkal Sammilani), Pundit Gopabandhu Das(Founder of the Satyavadi open air school and the founder editor of the Odia daily Samaj) Swabhaba Kabi Gangadhar Mehar, Palli Kabi Nanda kishore Bal, novelist and playwright Ramshankar Roy, Nilamani Vidyaratnam (Writer, editor of Sambalpur Hitaishini) Maharaja Sudhal Dev (King of Bamanda) and many others.

He is never discriminating in acknowledging the contribution made by people for reconstructing the Odia identity and doesn't nourish a blind prejudice against non-Odias. The poem voices his frank admiration for people like Ram shankar Ray, Radhakant Ray, Gourishankar Ray, Narendra kumar Sarkar, Jogesh Chandra Ray (All of Bengali Origin), Jagannath Rao and Madhusudan Rao (of Maratha origin) and also a number of British administrators. Interestingly, Senapti not only writes about the 'mahajana' or the important individuals, but has equal regards for the ordinary and commonplace. People like Parvati Ma of Jajpur, Gandharva Tripathy, and Maguni Mishra the village physicians, all are given due importance in the poem. As has been said earlier the poet does not actually make tour through Odisha to gather the experiences but lives them  mostly in his thoughts. Instances are many where the poet seems to be drawing upon random memories of meeting or reading about people in a not -too-distant past and we see at this point his humorous sarcasm is tinted with a kind of nostalgia..

Often I see alone and reminisce

The occasions of my visit to Sambalpur

Oh! How those day I miss

How I wish to race off to the place

And lodge in the large building of Mishra

Where during my visits to Sambalpur 

I used to stay..

Oh! those were such beautiful days;

In the cold winter dawns we sipped

The steaming Lipton tea,

There were sweets and snacks to go with that

Unforgettable hospitality;

 There are also occasions where Fakir Mohan picks out names and incidents from his memory to deride people like Haridasa who adopt fraudulent means to get themselves appointed in government jobs.

Wait a minute, I remember now

Haridasa of Balasore

His name also needs mentioning

He got himself appointed

 In the second post of a teacher

Adopting unfair means;

The poem, therefore, is not only a homage to the great individuals but also a satire on the dishonest local people. It also lashes at the English educated youth who make themselves ludicrous by mindlessly copying the English manners.

The conduct of these learned baboos

Brings a thought to my mind,

What Darwin said during his visit to this country

Was not absurd or unkind;

The demeanour of these funny men

Had made himrightly guess,

That the so called learned baboos are

Possibly the descendants of the apes;

No less bitter is his assail on the greedy servitors, or the so called Pandas of the temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri.

The Pandas here are too kind on the 

Devotees and the pilgrims

They could provide them a passport to heaven

By giving them a small pot

Of the Lord's food offerings;

In his introduction to the critique Vyasakavi  Fakir Mohan , prof. Natabara Samantray had pointed out that besides the first two segments of the poem, Pahila Gasta (The First Tour) published in March 1892 and Doosara Gasta (The Second Tour) published in July 1892, there is a third section, an extended version of the two, which was published in 1916. There were advertisements in the newspapers about this. Without mentioning the name of the poet Professor Samantray quotes from a poem by him that confirms the publication of this third edition:

O' learned men

Kindly take a look at this advertisement

The third edition of Utkal Bhramanam

Has come out, of late;

With a hard bound cover

And an attractive look

At the Utkal Sahitya Press for four annas only

You can get the book;

This translated version of Utkal Bhramanam has compiled all the three parts to present an English version of the complete text.

Translating a Odia text in English is as such challenging and is likely to pose a number of problems before the translator. In case of a text like Fakir Mohan's Utkal Bhramanam,which is mentioned earlier as a deceptively simple poem that reveals many contours of narrative innovativeness, the challenge is multiplied several times. Written in local vocabulary, the poem is generously sprinkled with different non-Odia words and phrasal words picked from Telugu, Bengali, Urdu, Bhojpuri and even English. The tone that is mainly satiric, is also interspersed with that of the elegiac where he mourns the loss of important figures like Pyari Acharya, Ravenshaw Saheb, Ramachandra Birabara, the ruler of Talcher, nostalgic when he sings wistfully about the good old days he spent at Sambalpur and is eulogizing when he showers praises on Poet NandaKishore Bala, Madhusudan Das, Godavarish Mishra, Gopabandhu Das, RamShankar Ray, Gouri Shankar Ray and many others for the selfless service they rendered to the cause of the Odia language. Such heterogeneity of language and the shifts in style and mood make the translator's task further tricky. But there is no denying of the fact that despite the difficulties and hurdles translating Fakir Mohan is a gripping and absorbing engagement. A positive response from the readers especially those who love Fakir Mohan literature will be rewarding enough.

--- Dr. Snehaprava Das (Bhubaneswar)     

July 21, 2023

Flood Areas Inspected by Puvvada Ajay Kumar

 In the wake of the Godavari floods, Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar inspected the flood situation from the top of Bhadrachalam Bridge on Friday. Later, a review was conducted with the district officials under the supervision of District Collector Priyanka at Bhadrachalam Sub Collector's office. 

He said that the victims of the Godavari flood areas should be immediately identified and shifted to the rehabilitation centers in advance, and the people of the low-lying areas should be alert to avoid being inundated due to the flood.  Due to the incessant rains, the Godavari is overflowing along with the rivulets and bends, people have been asked to control the flow of traffic, barricades have been set up at the inland roads and danger warnings have been issued and this situation should continue for the next two months.

 It has been suggested that people should take measures to prevent people from wandering in the Godavari flow areas and inform people not to come out of their homes unless it is an emergency. It is dangerous to go out especially at night and people are advised to stay inside their homes.  He said that the services of NDRF teams must be utilized for emergency services and rescue teams under the management of industries in the district should be made available. 

At present, even though the water level is decreasing, the authorities should be ready in all situations so that they do not rest, all the projects have become like a full pot, and the water released from any project reaches the Godavari.Here too, the authorities have been asked to coordinate and take preemptive measures to avoid loss of life and property. On this occasion, Minister Puvvada gave instructions to Special Officers Krishna Aditya, Gautam Potru, District Collector Priyanka and IG Chandra Shekhar Reddy. 

Additional rehabilitation centers should be kept ready and the people of flood-prone areas should be ready to move to the rehabilitation centers. It is suggested that medical camps should be set up to provide medical services in the rehabilitation centers and also continuous sanitation programs should be undertaken continuously.  SE has been directed to take action without power interruption. He wanted to supply safe fresh water to the people and provide quality food in the rehabilitation centers as was done last year.

And to prepare a total of three helipads to help people by helicopter in emergency situations and make appropriate arrangements for that. He said that he would stay here and supervise at the field level, and the officials asked them to do the work assigned to them. Later, he inspected the water level at Godavari Karakatta and spoke to the media. 

Special Flood Officers Krishna Aditya, Gautham Potru, District Collector Priyanka, SP Vineeth, ITDA PO Prateek Jain, Additional Collector Venkateshwarlu, ASP Paritosh Pankaj, all district officials participated in the review.

July 20, 2023


( The transformed pupil being received a pen from the HM)

 Mahesh Sri Potti Sriramulu Andhra high school is an aided educational institute located at Hooghly district of West Bengal state. It was started by the efforts made by Telugu diaspora, settled here some decades back. A recent experiment to transform a school boy who suffers with a low IQ into a sober one came to light as which has been shared by an academician Kesava Rao garu. He is not only a teaching faculty but also a thinker, human activist and an eminent writer.

A boy recently joined their school to study in class eighth and he was introduced with having some unusual emotional traits like hitting people with whatever he has nearby. He would never control his raze whenever people tease him. On top of it, very low IQ to deal with. This is how that boy's condition was. Usually how a corporate school did respond at this situation..? His joining would become a big question in the first place.

But here, Mahesh sri potti Sriramulu Andhra high school, the staff and HM accepted this boy to try their level best to help him in all aspects. They instructed remaining all school children to not tease the newly joined boy. And told them to act in a kind way whenever the boy misbehaved with them. And when the boy keeps stuttering. Children also extended their co-operation. That special abled boy was given a post of chief secretary in the school cabinet. He was entrusted to take care of the cycles in the premises. He felt responsibility soon after having the post.

Thereafter, his behavior entirely has been changed. He started coming to the school earlier than other pupils. Doing his entrusted work carefully and he would identify every room key of the school. In addition, he has never beaten any other kid with raze in these six months. A new boy has come out of him now and which has possible with the efforts of the school staff. He has been presented a pen by the HM for his metamorphosis. Experiments are not only done in the labs but also done in the classroom. This is the sheer example for the age old maxim.   

--- Murthy

July 19, 2023

Be Vigilant of heavy Rains

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka has ordered the officials to be alert in the background of heavy rain forecast. She said that the Hyderabad Meteorological Center has warned that there is a possibility of heavy to very heavy rains in the district for the next three days. 

The Collector advised people not to come out of their houses unless it is urgent in view of heavy rain warnings. The Collector advised the people to call the control room number 08744-241950 set up in the Collectorate for the needy in case of any emergency and will be working 24 hours. She made it clear that the government administration from the village level to the district level should be vigilant. They said that there is a danger that the rivulets and bends may overflow due to rains, so do not try to cross them. The people of the low-lying areas have been told to be vigilant.

July 15, 2023

Dr. Priyanka Ala takes charge as New Collector

 District Collector Dr. Priyanka said that she is very happy to get the opportunity to perform duties as a district collector in a district where tribals live a lot. On Saturday, she signed the first signature in her chamber at IODC at 4.23 pm and took charge as the new collector. On this occasion, Additional Collector Venkateswarlu and District Officers of all departments offered flowers and congratulated her. After that, an introductory program was held with the district officials in the collector's chamber. On this occasion, the collector said that she was very happy to get the opportunity to work as a collector in a big district like Bhadradri Kothagudem and to provide services to the people by coordinating everyone according to the priorities and goals of the government. 

She said that she was born and brought up in Telangana and she is happy to work as a collector in our state. She reminisced that she had come to this area with his friends during her school days and had a comprehensive understanding of the area. After studying medicine,  joined the civil service to serve the people. She obtained her civils in 2016 and served as Additional Commissioner in Bhuvanagiri and GHMC Hyderabad. Later, the collector visited the camp office. Additional Collector Venkateshwarlu, District Officers of all departments and others participated in this program. 

Coming to biodata, Dr.Priyanka Ala was born on Jan 6, 1987 and her schooling has taken place in Johnson Grammar school (JGS), Habsiguda, Hyderabad. Obtained her medical degree (MBBS) from MGIMS (Maharashtra) She belonged to 2016 batch (Telangana cadre) of IAS. Her husband Dr. Manipal Kumar Puvvala is a surgeon with Gandhi hospital, Hyderabad. She has two kids (Myra, Elder daughter and Kiyaan, Youngest son). Earlier She worked as Assistant Collector for Bhongir Yadadri district , additional commissioner for GHMC and Zonal commissioner, Serlingampally  zone.

July 14, 2023

Dr. V.R. Sharma : A Multi faceted Writer and Traveller

 Dr. V.R. Sharma is a unique genius among the contemporary writers of Telugu literary field. A best known activist and writer for the cause of children and a fierce traveller in addition. His oeuvre of work is not only limited to the children's literature but beyond it like editing books and organizing literary events and of course, he penned almost all different kinds of literary forms, be it novel, essay or story and whatsoever one thought of. Dr. Sharma has always been engaged in work shops for children. His name is quite known across the both Telugu states for his immense love and enthusiasm about the future citizens. 

Dr. .V.R.Sharma's full name is Vittala Rajeshwara Sharma, his parents were Lalitha and Balarajaiah and he was born on 18 April, 1956 at Kamareddy. He has done M.A.,M.O.L., M.Phil., Ph.D. and now retired as a Gazetted Head Master. After retirement Dr. Sharma associated with many platforms to serve the cause of children's literature and their enlightenment.

He also worked with Telangana Rachayitala Vedika, Telangana bala Sahtya vedika, Telangana bala sahitya parishat, pillala lokam and bala sahitya vedika. He bagged Keerthi Puraskaram from the Telugu university. And his research subject in M.Phil is "Sahoo jeevitamu - rachanalu" (Sahoo's life and writings) and in Ph.D is "Adhunika kavitwam lo baala chitrana" (Portrayal of the children in the modern poetry).

His first story printed in Andhra bhoomi (weekly) in 1978 and title was Domayana. Dr. Sharma's collections of poems are Telangana (1994), Vaana poola konda (1996), Suryudu aneka rangulloa udayistaadu (2002), Maa uuri matti vaasana (2007), Guler (2007).

Books of Songs brought out like  Suuryullanu veligistuu (1999), Aanandam (1998), Pillala kosam (1999), Pillala lokam (2015). Essays printed like Kondaru vidyavettalu (2002) and many others included.

Books Edited by him are Aakasam (Writings of children, 1999), Pillala lokam (2 volumes, 2000), Chukkalu (Hyku poems of children,2000), Bangaru nelavankalu (Stories written by the children,2017), kyaali (te ra ve, souvenir , 2013), Alalu (2012), kavulu-pillalu (2011).

Dr. Sharma's novels for children are Kaanuka (2017), Prayaanam(2009), Balavardhan(20120, Raksha (2022- TANA manchi pustakam), Ee taram pillala kathalu (2022), Prapancha tantram (20220, Aadutuu paadutuu (2022),Thank you taatayya (stories for children,2023), Enthamandi chuttaalo (2023) and others.

--- BI News Desk

July 13, 2023

Felicitation to the DFO

 District Collector Anudeep said that the distribution program of podu pattas has been completed as per the survey to all the eligible tribals.

ITDA Project Officer Gautam Potru along with District SP Vineeth and DFO Ranjit Naik participated in the Forest Protection Committee meeting held at IDOC conference hall on Thursday. Speaking on this occasion, he said that the deserving tribals have been distributed the podu pattas, and he warned that strict action will be taken if the plantation plants and new forests are cut down. He said that the government has been very ambitious and transparent in the waste land program and distribution of waste tracks have been done after the survey. In some mandals, the concerned police officers said that the tasildars should conduct counseling in coordination with the village sarpanchs with the coordination of the forest staff, as people are still preventing them from setting up plantations in the case of forest lands.

 He said that the problem should be solved in the village itself. He said that the distribution was done  by the committee in the DLC meeting after conducting gram sabhas in each village and selecting the eligible tribals. He said that such people should bring the problem to the notice of the concerned tehsildars so as not to create obstacles to the forest plantations. If necessary, survey the lands within the forest area and organize a meeting at the mandal level and MRO, MPDO, police and forest officials should ensure that the problem does not get complicated and save the forest with the cooperation of all.

      Later, the transferred DFO Ranjit Naik was felicitated by District Collector, SP, ITDA PO, JC, ASP.         Officials of Forest, Police, Revenue and various other departments participated in this program.

July 10, 2023

Prof. Jayashankar's death anniversary


 On the occasion of Prof. Jayashankar's 12th death anniversary, in District Library, floral tributes were paid to Prof. Jayashankar's portrait. On this occasion, librarian said that Prof. Jayashankar, who had many dreams for Telangana Sadhana, sacrificed his life for Telangana  and led a celibate life and finally died without seeing Telangana. Later, silence was observed for two minutes in the library to rest the soul of Ananta Reddy, who died due to illness after serving as the ruler of the book. In this program, the librarian Varalakshmi Devi, G. Mani Mridula, library staff, students, students and readers participated.

July 9, 2023

Explorations into Hindu Spiritual Practices

  A Rare spiritual book with writer's own experiences here for all the seekers who have been getting doubts while being pursued in the path of Sadhana. No two persons are the same in this line but Samskaras of previous birth used to play a great role, yet , an experienced Sadhaka is a torch bearer in many aspects. Physical parameters can not work here and it's a different ball game and it starts where all games have ended. Rajarshi Ranjan Nandy is an Upasaka, speaker, and columnist, who also guides interested people in the practice of Sadhana.

The book "adhyatmikta" is all about Tantra upasana and description of different Devatas. It gives answers to many questions involving dharmic spiritual practices. Rajarshi Nandy is already renowned with his speeches in different social  media outlets. He is a good orator and well experienced in Sadhana. Every spiritual seeker especially who watch youtube in these days knew him quite well. Judicious mix of his experiences made this book interesting because practical sadhana is key rather than empty words.

It's sub heading goes like "Explorations into Hindu spiritual practices". Rightly said, many things elaborated with the genuine utterances of masters like Sri Rama Krishna and Aurabindo. Concepts like Purusha and Prakriti, Anugraha, Rituals, Asuric sadhana are told in his own way of understanding gotten through his sadhana. Different Devatas like Tara, Bhairava, Ganesh, Shiva, Hanuman and others are also discussed in the second part of the book. His (Writer) experience in the pandal of Durga puja made readers awestruck before entering the sadhana. That happening in his life opened new doors. A book for all the people who are in the Sadhana and enthusiastic about spiritual traditions.

( Pages : 186, Price : Rs.495/- Available places : Flipkart and Amazon etc.)     

--- Murthy



July 7, 2023

PRTU Honored The Doctorate Awardee

 Congratulating Nampalli Madhusudana Rao who got his doctorate degree, mandal resource person AJ Prabhakar said that he also provided his services in the mandal academic team and gave good suggestions to the teachers. On behalf of the PRTU mandal unit, a meeting was held to honor Madhusudan Rao in the MPUPS Seetharama puram, on Thursday.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of State Vice President K. Dasham Babu. Teacher Raju said that it is a great thing that Madhusudan Rao, who came from Dummugudem mandal, got his doctorate in Hindi subject. K. Dasham Babu said that even in colleges these days, there are rarely people who have done doctorate.

Y.Srinivas congratulated the PRTU office bearers for their swift action in honoring the teacher who obtained doctorate. Mandal president and secretary Varaprasad and Hastings praised the efforts of Madhusudan Rao. Rao expressed his gratitude to all  P.R.T.U. members to honor him for his achievement. SK Jani, KVS Murthy,Siva, Sridhar, veera prasad,Lakshman, Venkata Ramulu  and others have spoken in this meeting. 

July 6, 2023

Ex - servicemen exempted

 District Collector Anudeep said that ex-servicemen should be exempted from house tax payments. District Military Board meeting was held at IDOC office on Wednesday. The Panchayat and Municipality Commissioners have been advised to take steps to exempt the house tax payments to ex-servicemen living under the jurisdiction of the municipality and gram panchayat, similarly to the servicemen who are on duty.

He also said that steps will be taken to implement the reservations prescribed by the government for appointing ex-servicemen as security guards in private institutions like KTPS, BTPS, BPL, Singareni, Gurukula Schools etc. District Military Welfare Officer Sriram, DPO Ramakanth, Medical Officer Dr. Sirisha, DPRO Srinivas, Tippana Siddulu and others participated in this meeting.

July 4, 2023

Ph. D awarded to Mr. N. Madhusudan Rao

 Mr. N. Madhusudan Rao who has been working as a school assistant of Hindi was awarded a Ph.D from  Osmania University, Hyderabad. At present , he is working at SNAM ZP High school, Narsapuram. His thesis titled  "Anteem Da Dashak ki Hindi Kahaniyan mein samajvadi yadardavadi" was guided by Dr. Rekha Sharma, Rtd. Principal of VV College, Hyderabad. All Staff members and well wishers expressed their joy and congratulated him on this auspicious occasion. Rao's elder son completed his mechanical engineering and testing waters in the twinkle world while his younger son is pursuing engineering at present. He has done his M.Phil from Kakatiya University and  "Bhadradri Incredible" keeps wishing more laurels in his way ahead.

Rich Tributes to The Great Devotee

 Yesterday, The ritual of  Seva Yatra was held in Bhadrachalam in honor of Pokala Dammakka. She was a great devotee of Sri Seeta Ramachandra swamy. All this program has been conducted under the leadership of the tribals. It had been performing right from 2013. Priests worshiped the Dammakka statue in the temple premises as well as the statue near the tourism hotel. People came from different villages by special buses. Kolatams and dances were performed. Flowers and fruits were offered. Nagara sankirtana was performed with Ramadasa's kirtanas. Nitya Kalyanam celebrations and special pujas were held in great splendor on this occasion. 

July 3, 2023

Meet An Eminent Writer Sri Vyboina Satyanarayana

( An interview with Sri Vyboina Satyanarayana, an eminent writer, organizer and multi faceted person) 

* Can you please tell us about your childhood and education..?

  I was born on 17th July 1960 in Pattepuram (China Nindrakolanu) of West Godavari district. But grew up and studied till Intermediate (1966-78) in Hill Colony, Nagarjunasagar, Nalgonda district. 

When I was studying in high school, my Telugu master Mr. PV Seshacharyulu, who had read my essays, patted me on the shoulder and said, 'Yes, you can write'  and he is behind every letter I am writing today. It was because of his encouragement that I won the first prize in every Telugu essay competition held from class 10 to graduation.

Later for one year (1978-79), I worked as a private school teacher at Nidamanuru Sri Vidyanikethan, Miryalagudem Taluka. Soon I quit that job, came to Khammam and studied B.Sc Electronics (1979-82) at SR & BGNR Government Degree College, Khammam. I conducted tuitions while studying my degree. I worked as a compounder for a doctor.

* Elaborate Some details about your employment...

 I applied to every job that appeared in the Employment News magazine. The job that came during the summer vacation of the second year of the degree was a short duty telephone operator job in the telecom department. I did that job from June 1981 to December 1983. Later that job became permanent and was posted in Bhadrachalam so I joined Bhadrachalam Telephone Exchange on 17th December 1983. I worked there for about fifteen years till May 31, 1998. 

* Family details..

.I got married on 24th April 1985 to Subhadra from Madhira. On 13th July 1986 we had a daughter Sri Durga Deepti. On August 17, 1988, a boy named Vaibhava Srinivas was born. Our daughter is married to Radhakrishna, son of Dravidadesam party founder sri Krishna Rao of Chennai. My son is married to Sindhu, daughter of my brother-in-law from Madhira. Both our children are settled in life. 

* Tell us your activities as an organizer

I was the organizing secretary of the Indo-Soviet Cultural Society (ISCUS) during my intermediate days. On September 9, 1977, we organized the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of famous Russian writer Leo Talstoy under the auspices of ISCUS. Mahakavi Sri Sri, who was the chief guest of the program, entrusted me with the responsibility of taking care of the entertainment. I had the great opportunity to spend two days with great poet Sri Sri  at an early age.

I worked till August 1992 as the founding organizer of 'Sahiti Gautami' which was started in Bhadrachalam on February 18, 1988.r. Maganti Suryam, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Rallabandi Kavita Prasad, Basuvula Satyanarayana and I founded Sahithi Gautami together. 

Between 1992-98 I served as General Secretary of Sahitigautami. At that time, I took the lead in organizing the writers' meet organized by the Andhra Bhumi Weekly. On that occasion, I came in contact with Yandamuri and Sikaraju. 

Apart from that, I celebrated the birth anniversary of Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak by inviting the famous progressive poet Avantsa Somasundar as the chief guest. This program has brought us good recognition. The then Collector of Khammam district, Lakshmi Parthasaradhi, daughter of Tilak's elder brother, congratulated us. Akashvani Kothagudem broadcasted this program on radio.

In the 1990s, I organized Shree Devi Navratri celebrations indefinitely for ten years at the Bhadrachalam Library Centre. I earned a good reputation by organizing those programs in collaboration with prominent businessman Tavidishetti Raja, Pepsi Srinu and Kranti Transport Ramana. 

(With Ampasayya Naveen, a prominent novelist and others)

* About your literary contribution...

The first story broadcasted by our country's first FM radio station, Kothagudem Centre, which was launched on March 24, 1989, was the story of 'Potaraju' written by me. More than ten stories were broadcasted by Akashavani Kothagudem Kendram. 

Between 1988-90 the stories were published in Andhra Jyoti (weekly). Later, due to the pressure of duty, I could not write. From 1st June 1998 to 31st January 2020 I worked in various capacities in DOT/BSNL in Khammam and finally took voluntary retirement as JTO.

After my retirement I am devoting my time completely to literature. 

My writings are inspired by the lives of the people around me that I see everyday. Both progressive literary trends and popular literary trends are seen in my works. 

* Whom you got inspiration from..?

I am influenced by Kalipatnam Rama Rao, Chaso, Ravi Shastri, Chalam and Tilak. Also on the other side there is the influence of Yandamuri Virendranath, Malladi Venkata Krishnamurthy, Yaddanapudi Sulochanarani. So far I have published five books. They are 'Swaragatulu and Jaya Narasimha' ( Novels) 'Potaraju' ( A story collection) 'Vasanta Panchami Another Two Novels ( Novels)'Ammanu chuudaali' (Novel)  'Sadhu chebuthava saaru (Novel).

* Any other info...

I have written the last eighty one episodes of 'Kalaya Nizama' daily serial aired on Pocket FM audio channel. I am going to write another daily serial soon. I regularly self-publish my works on the Pratilipi app. I have won prizes in many competitions organized by Pratilipi. I won the Pratilipi Diary competition and also won the 'Pratilipi Ratna' title. I have self-published twelve novels, over a hundred stories, over a hundred essays and over fifty poems in Pratilipi. 

With the help of my friends in the film industry, I am constantly working to make a name for myself as a film writer. My Thanks to Murthy of Bhadradri Incredible (Web news portal) for this interview.

June 29, 2023

Arrangements For Distribution of Podu Pattas

 District Collector Anudeep said that all arrangements have been made for the distribution of podu pattas in Bhadradri Kothagudem district. He inspected the arrangements at Suguna Gardens in Palvancha mandal on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, the Collector said that State Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar, State Finance and Health Minister Harish Rao and Parliament, Legislative Council and legislators of the district will participate in the distribution program of the podu pattas on 30th. He said that the program of distribution of podu pattas will be held on Friday to a total of 2500 beneficiaries at the rate of 500 per constituency. He said that 50 thousand 595 beneficiaries of the district are being distributed podu rails. 

He explained that the distribution program will be done to the beneficiaries from the villages under all the constituencies. He said that special officers have been appointed to supervise the arrangements regarding the distribution of the rails. He said that the beneficiaries who are going to take the diplomas should be mobilized from the village level. The officials were directed to make a proper plan to move the beneficiaries. MPOs, MPDOs and Tehsildars have said to mobilize the beneficiaries who are going to take Podu Pattas from the villages under the constituency. Sarpanchs, MPTCs, ZPTCs, MPPs of respective villages

The ZP CEO has been advised to take steps to ensure that the secretaries, sarpanchs, MPTCs, ZPTCs, MPPs of respective villages  are present. The garden officer was advised to beautify the premises. He said that orderly procedure should be followed in the issuance of tickets, strict measures should be taken without crowding and police arrangements are being made. They said that LED TVs should be installed in the hall. Podu Patta distribution counters should be set up. 

He said that along with setting up barricading to enable the beneficiaries to follow the queue, mandal counters and signages should be set up by the constituencies . The MPDOs were instructed to prepare a list of beneficiaries who are going to take degrees in each constituency. 

He said that strict measures should be taken to control crowding at meals. A helicopter should be installed in the IDOC office, suggested to the authorities.

Additional Collector Venkateshwarlu, DRDO Madhusudan Raju, Parks Officer Jinugu Marianna, ZP CEO Vidyalatha, DPO Ramakanth, DCO Venkateshwarlu, Minority Welfare Officer Sanjeeva Rao, R&B DE Nageswara Rao, Municipal Commissioner Srikanth, DRO Ashok Chakravarty, AO Ganya, Palvancha Thasildar Ranga prasad and others were present in this meeting. 

#All India Financial literacy Quiz

 To increase knowledge and awareness about the financial literacy like basics of saving, investment, income, expenditure, banking functions, SEBI etc., among the children, RBI has been conducting quiz programs. In the part of it, an event of quiz conducted in SNAM ZPHS, Narsapuram with the participation of students came from the mandals of Bhadrachalam, Dummugudem, and Cherla. K.Pranadeep and Koushik Reddy stood as winners and they are to go to district level competitions.  

Sense of saving money is to be inculcated right from the childhood said Subba Rao, SBI bank manger. Head master KVK Kantha Rao gave away the prizes to the winners. Venkatesh (Financial literacy team counsellor ) K.Shankar (FAC HM) and care taker teachers J. Padma, B. Aruna and others also participated.

June 27, 2023

A Moving Story Collection

 It makes me intrigued to write a few words about a collection of stories "Badi Buvva", all these ten magnificent short stories would no doubt tickle every moving heart. It's all about innocence and intelligence of school children, of course ,with enduring their life difficulties would take us by storm. By age, they were children but by attitude they were no less than any skillful and innovative persons. And one more thing, they were not the sort of corporate blue eyed school kids but all they hailed from very modest backgrounds with enough of woes at their homes. In addition to it, all they were studying zilla parishat high school.

Author of this collection is Garipelli Ashok and he is a prolific writer with a special love towards the world of children. His keen observation into the psyche of the child is evident all along the stories. It's not possible without having a great empathy towards the children. How a girl student Padma turned multi tasker in every needed situation made us rethink about the capacity of today's children. Not only that, she was very kind and considerate about the old people and she was ready to sacrifice her quota of midday meals for them. All this described in the first story.

Do you want to know how things were being done in the government school..? And the management skills with not losing humanity and the children par excellent comparing to any corporate school ? ... then one should read this book without fail. Writer Garpelli Ashok is renowned for the activities towards the children and he made them write stories to have evolved into books. He penned many books and all of them encompass the glory of children's kingdom.

(For copies, contact  the writer and his mobile no : 98496 49101,  Pages : 68, Price : Rs.80/-)

--- Murthy

June 26, 2023

#Preparations for Group Four examination

District Collector Anudeep said that all arrangements should be made for the conduct of the Group Four examination to be held on July 1. On Monday, a meeting was held at the IDOC office with the officials of Revenue, Panchayat Raj, Municipal, Medical, Electricity and other departments regarding the conduct of Group Four examination. Speaking on the occasion, he said that 77 centers have been set up in the district to conduct the examination.  

From 10.30 am to 

12.30 pm and back in the afternoon

He said that the examination will be conducted from 2.30 pm to 5 pm. Candidates writing the exam should reach the examination center between 8 am and 9:45 am and 2:15 pm for Paper 2 which will be held in the afternoon. He said the gates will be closed at 9:45 am and also after 2:15 pm. After that they said that even if it is a minute late, it is not allowed. Candidates appearing for the exam must bring any government identity card along with the hall ticket, he said. Similarly, after the completion of the exam, you must put your left hand finger print in your nominal rose, he added.

He asked the candidates appearing for the Group 4 examination to note this. He said that fresh water and emergency medical centers should be established in the examination centers. He said that there should be continuous supply without interruption of electricity. He said that sanitation programs should be carried out in the examination centers. He said that section 144 will be imposed near the examination centers. Said to close the nearby Xerox centers. He stated that liaison, squad and route officers will be appointed to conduct the examination. 

#Olympic day run

 "Many sportsmen from our district have gone to national and international level and brought laurels for our region. Even in the recent event, our sportsmen won 7 medals in the state level" said  T.Seetaram (DYSO) and in the same meet Abdul Rehman (DSP) promised full support for sportsmen from their department. District youth and sports office and Telangana olympic association have launched 37th olympic day run.

They both flagged off the run and many enthusiasts participated in this event. Office assistant manager Uday kumar, Tirumala Rao, Krishna Ramesh (Sports Assn secretary), Kahi hussain, Johnson and others participated.   

June 20, 2023

#Surprise Visit


According to the instructions of the Telangana State Legal Service Authority Hyderabad, the judge of the Chunchupally  conducted a surprise inspection of the Chunchupally Government Junior College on Monday as per the instructions of the Chairman District Legal Service Authority, Bhadradri Kothagudem, and the Secretary of the District Legal Service Authority G.Bhanumathi conducted a surprise inspection . Inquired about the facilities for girls and boys in the college. They were asked about their main problems. The judge directed the vice principal to inform the authorities concerned to improve the basic infrastructure. In this program Deputy Legal Aid Defense Council P. Niranjan Rao, Assistant Legal Aid Defense Councils G. Nagasrawanti, Jyoti Vishwakarma and teachers participated.


Retired IAS officer Dr. MV Veera Reddy couple visited the family members of Seelam Srinivasa Rao (DPRO) and paid tributes to (Late) Seelam Sarawathi , the mother of Srinivasa Rao who passed away on the 14 of this month. On knowing the news, Dr. Reddy immediately called Rao and asked him to be brave in the grieving situation. He and his spouse came to Kalluru Ambedkar nagar on Tuesday and expressed their grievances. Srinivasa Rao also worked as DPRO while Dr. Reddy was the District Collector of Bhadradri Kothagudem. 

Knowing the news of her demise, Dr.Reddy couple all the way came to the family members of Srinivasa Rao to console them in person and they recalled the days of his services which made them come today to pay tributes by garlanding the photograph of the departed mother of Rao . Dr. Reddy retired on May 31, 2021. 

June 12, 2023

#Poets honored

 In the movement of Telangana state, writers and poets have played a crucial role, said district collector Anudeep D on the occasion of state decennial celebrations, yesterday. To honor the people of letters in the district, a program of poetry recital arranged in the IODC, Kothagudem. A good number of writers attended and voiced their love and warmth towards the achievements during all these years. Kothagudem MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao kick started the gala event with lightning the lamp. Illendu MLA Banoth Haripriya lauded the writings of Kaloji and Suddaala. Dindigala Rajender (Chair person, Library development corporation), DPRO Seelam Srinivasa Rao, Sabitha (Woman welfare officer), CPO Srinivasa Rao, Education dept co ordinator Saidulu and others attended.

June 8, 2023

Nitya Kalyanam at the Bhadrachalam Temple

The 'Nitya Kalyanam" rituals were performed, yesterday, here at the Sri Seetharamachandra Swamy temple , Bhadrachalam in a grand way. In the early morning, Suprabhata seva, seva kalam, aradhana have performed in the sanctum sanctorum. After that, Viswaksena puja and punyahavachanam have taken place in the Beda mandapam. Priests performed "Nityakalyanam" with due customs like adorning Kankana dharana, Yajnopaveetha dharana for the Lord Rama and kankana dharana and yoktra dharana for Maa Seetha devi.

Apart from that, in the part of Telangana state decennial celebrations, a music recital has been performed by the artists who belonged to Aswapuram and which enthralled the audience. Officers of temple administration collected the opinions of devotees about the ongoing services that are being received from the staff of the temple. For providing better services in the future, this inquiry has been done.

June 5, 2023

"Eruvaka Pournami" Celebrations at the Bhadrachala Ramalayam

 "Jyesthabhishekam" celebrated in the temple of Sri Seetharamachandra Swamy, Bhadrachalam. Yesterday it was performed on the occasion of Jyestha pournima. This ceremony is a customary on the day of Eruvaka pournima. Priests and vedic scholars performed this as a feast for the eyes.

At the time of "Tolakari showers" prayers were offered to the lord Varuna  for good rains, so that the country would prosper. Vedic scholars explained the importance of this festivity. 

June 2, 2023

Decade Celebrations

 On the occasion of Telangana state accession and decade celebrations, state government whip Rega Kantha Rao unfurled the national flag at the IDOC office on Friday. Later he received the police salute. On this occasion, he directed the people of the district to address the development and welfare programs implemented in the district. The cultural performances organized by the students on Telangana culture and traditions were impressive. On this occasion, mementos and certificates of appreciation were given to the students who performed a dance performance. Earlier, tributes were paid to the Martyrs Stupa at Pragathi Maidan in Kothagudem town.

Kottagudem, Illandu MLAs Vanama Venkateswara Rao, Haripriya, District Collector Anudeep, SP Dr. Vineeth, Rythu Bandhu Samiti District President Rao Jogeswara Rao, Library Corporation Chairman Dindigala Rajender, Kottagudem Municipal Chairman Kapu Sita Lakshmi, Additional Collector Venkateswarlu, District Officers of all departments, Others participated.

May 31, 2023

Civils Ranker Felicitated


Grande Sai Krishna who secured  293 rank in the recent civil services exam was felicitated by the district collector Anudeep Durisetty yesterday. He said that Sai krishna has become a model for the students of our district. Being successful without any coaching was praiseworthy and the program has taken place in the collector's chamber. Sai krishna completed his school education at Suryodaya school, Kothagudem. He also worked as tool engineer in Mumbai and Hyderabad after finishing mechanical engineering at Calicut of Kerala. Parents of the topper Nagalakshmi and Srinivasa Rao have also been felicitated. Saketh, the sibling of Sai krishna was lauded by his brother for his assistance in the preparation.

May 27, 2023

Donation of Books and Cooler

Donors have provided a cooler and books to the local district library of Kothagudem, today. G.Ravi who recently has achieved a job as a Panchayat secretary and G.Rajesh brothers who got jobs as linemen donated a cooler worth Rs.5000/-. Lecturer at Govt. Polytechnic college, Rudrampur has also donated two thousand rupees worth Competitive exams books. Chairman Dindigala Rajender said that donations like this are most appreciable thing and hoped it would be continued in the future, especially who have benefitted by reading in the libraries. Dindigala handed over the donated items to the librarian G. Mani Mrudula. Sri M. Raju Goud, students and readers have participated in the event.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Secretariat

 Dr. BR Ambedkar Secretariat on Telangana State's Tenth Anniversary Celebrations on Thursday. District Collector Anudeep and SP Dr Vineeth participated in the meeting of District Collectors and SPs organized by Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao.

Grain Purchase

District Collector Sri Anudeep said that special godowns have been prepared in Bhadrachalam, Palvancha, Tekulapally and Dammapet mandals in the district to store the grain purchased as per government orders. He issued a statement on Friday regarding grain purchase and import. Speaking on this occasion, he pointed out that four temporary warehouses have been prepared to preserve the grain from getting wet due to untimely rains. He suggested that the farmers should exercise restraint and cooperate with the machinery as some problems are being caused due to untimely rains and all these problems will be solved in the next four to five days. He said that the process of grain purchase will be completed in the coming weeks so that none of the farmers get impatient. He stated that the porters were unable to import on time due to sunstroke due to intense sun while downloading at the next CMR mills, hence the delay. He advised the farmers not to lose heart as the import problem will be resolved in the next two or three days. He said that they will buy grain without any trouble to the farmers. He said that the farmers should exercise restraint without any misconceptions or worries. He suggested to bring quality grain buying centers as per government guidelines.

May 17, 2023

Governor Visited the Temple town

 Honorable Governor  Dr. (Smt) Tamil Isai was invited with purna kumbham  by the temple priests of Sri Seetaramachandra swamy devesthanam, here at Bhadrachalam. She performed special pujas in the sanctum sanctorum and later on, vedic scholars blessed her along with a memento and temple prasadam. Smt. Tamil Isai interacted with people who were standing in the queue. Experts told her about the prominent historical features of the temple.

She participated in the program of face to face with local Adivasi people. The 5 grama panchayts of Bhadrachalam division  merged in Andhra area during the bifurcation were being crucial for the development of down trodden tribal folks and all the representatives wanted the honorable Governor to get them back into Bhadrachalam division. She said that she would try to represent with the Government of India.

She danced with the Adivasi artists in the program. At the Virupaksha function hall before the program. District collector Sri Anudeep, Superintendent of police Dr. Vineet, Addl collector Sri Venkateswarlu welcomed her with flower bouquets. 

May 14, 2023

Summer camps for the children

 District Collector Anudeep Durisetty expressed his happiness that the students came to the summer camps and made good use of their time. He said that he thought of organizing the summer camps during the summer vacation to acquire skills in sports along with education. He directed the municipal authorities to organize the summer camps in Pragathi Maidan in Kothagudem town.

He said that steps have been taken to provide the services of experienced physical teachers to train the students in sports of their interest. Training is given from 6 am to 8 am and from 5 pm to 7 pm.  PTs Coach in volleyball, kabaddi, football, basketball and other sports.

He asked them to take advantage of the time by participating in these activities until the end of the summer vacation. If they are limited to cell phones and TVs, they will have many psychological problems. If the children get trained in the sports, they would emerge as prominent sportsmen in the future.

May 11, 2023

Sports at three levels

 Arrangements are being made to organize the CM cup tournament for the youths aged 15 to 36 years at the mandal, district and state level, according to the instructions of the state sports authority. At the mandal level, 5 events such as athletic, kabaddi, foot ball, kho kho, volley ball can be organized and the participants should be aged 15 to 36 years. Mandal committee comprises of MPP (chairman), zptc, mpdo, Tahasildar, MEO, Gazetted HM, SI and PET. Winners at the mandal level shall be sent to the district level and the merit certificates will be given to the mandal level winners. Mandal level sports will be organized during may 15 - 17.

And district level events will be during may 22 to 24. Along with batmintan, basket ball, boxing, hand ball, swimming, wrestling, altogether 11 events can be organized. District committee comprises of Collector (As Chairman), SP (Vice chairman) , DYSY convener, district olympic president etc. First prize (individual level) Rs.20,000/- second prize Rs.15000/-,third prize Rs.10,000/- will be given in cash. Team level winners will get Rs.1,00,000/- for first prize and second prize Rs.75,000/-, and third prize Rs.50,000/- along with CM cup. All the sports enthusiasts are welcomed by the District collector Sri Anudeep Durisetti. 


A Tribal lady sells Spices

 This is the scenario from the place of Chintapalli village of ASR District of Andhra pradesh. A tribal woman keeps selling spices like nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon etc. Agriculture Officials from Bhadradri Kothagudem district (TS) visited the place and studied the ways of horticultural crops in practice. Spices are valuable and special place in everyone's daily life. So leisurely the woman was conducting the outlet with watching smart phone.  

May 9, 2023

Expert team studied Organic Farming and others

 According to the orders of District Collector Anudeep Durishetti, oil palm is being cultivated in Bhadradri Kothagudem district of Telangana state. It is being cultivated in almost sixty thousand acres. As intercrops, pineapple, pepper, avocado, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, flowers, medicinal plants, all types of small grains, rajma leguminous, adusa, valishas, ​​honey cultivation, cultivation of gliricidia plants to increase soil fertility, palm, silver oak and other crops are examined and studied. A plan for planting the above mentioned intercrops in oil palm plantations was chalked out.

Expert team visited Chintapalli and studied things at regional agricultural research center, horticulture research center, and raithu bharosa kendrams. Constituency level integrated seed and fertilizer quality testing laboratory was also observed along with Organic farming and terrain cultivation.